SDG 13
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Адамдын ишмердүүлүгүнө байланыштуу пайда болгон парник газдарынын деңгээли тарыхый максимумуна жетти. Экономикалык өсүү жана калктын санынын көбөйүшү менен шартталган климаттын өзгөрүлүшү ар бир өлкөдө, ар бир континентте адамга жана табигый системаларга кең таасирин тийгизүүдө. Климаттын өзгөрүлүшү экономикалык өнүгүүгө, табигый ресурстарга жана жакырчылык менен күрөшүүгө кыйла таасирин тийгизгендиктен, бул маселени чечүү туруктуу өнүгүүнүн ажырагыс бир бөлүгү болуп калды. Бул маселени чечүү үчүн анча кымбат эмес жана масштабдуу чечүү ыкмаларын табуу акыркы он жылдыктардын жетишкендиктерин сактап, өлкөлөргө өнүгүп кете алган экономиканы камсыз кылат. 

Goals in action

UNDP in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Goal 13 at a glance

What are some of the facts about climate change and what are we doing to take action? MORE >

UNDP in Moldova

Smart farming technology

Three-fourths of Moldova's land is used for food production. With extended droughts, temperature increases, decreased water reserves, and soil erosion, households reliant on farming have been the first to feel the impacts of climate change. MORE >

UNDP in Europe and Central Asia

Now is the time to climate proof the region

We will never achieve the Sustainable Development Goals if climate-related disasters keep wiping out development gains and taking us back to square one. But if we act now, climate-proofing the Goals will be within reach. MORE >

UNDP in Belarus

Energy efficient houses for a better future

Watch the joy of this family as they get a new, energy-efficient house in Belarus. WATCH >

UNDP in Georgia

Keeping Georgia safe from disaster

In Georgia's Rioni river basin, 200,000 residents suffer from flash floods every year. Take a look at how UNDP is working to address the problem. WATCH >

UNDP in Albania

Helping rebuild with long term sight

After severe flooding affected over 15,000 people, destroying crops, roads, and hundreds of homes, rebuilding involved infrastructure projects that would provide flood protection for the future. MORE >

UNDP in Kazakhstan

Can the Aral Sea make a comeback?

Formerly one of the four largest lakes in the world, the Aral Sea has been steadily shrinking. Now, 20 years after UNDP's first intervention in the region, hope begins to blossom. MORE >

UNDP in Azerbaijan

Restoring and protecting Azerbaijan’s farmlands

The Clima East project establishes sustainable pasture management practices while having an “ecosystem-based approach to climate change”. MORE >

UNDP in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

How are we helping countries to adapt to climate change?

The main aim of our Clima East Pilots Initiative is to help countries in Central Asia, Western CIS and the Caucasus adapt to climate change. MORE >