SDG 16
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Without peace, stability, human rights and effective governance, based on the rule of law - we cannot hope for sustainable development. We are living in a world that is increasingly divided. Some regions enjoy sustained levels of peace, security and prosperity, while others fall into seemingly endless cycles of conflict and violence. This is by no means inevitable and must be addressed.

High levels of armed violence and insecurity have a destructive impact on a country’s development, affecting economic growth and often resulting in long standing grievances that can last for generations. Sexual violence, crime, exploitation and torture are also prevalent where there is conflict or no rule of law, and countries must take measures to protect those who are most at risk.

The SDGs aim to significantly reduce all forms of violence, and work with governments and communities to find lasting solutions to conflict and insecurity. Strengthening the rule of law and promoting human rights is key to this process, as is reducing the flow of illicit arms and strengthening the participation of developing countries in the institutions of global governance. 

Goals in action

UNDP in Albania

Improving municipal services through "one-stop shops"

Local government units are building an infrastructure of centralized services, helping citizens get needed services faster and with no unnecessary travel and delays. MORE >

UNDP in Kosovo*

In aftermath of war, technology reduces crime and violence

The Kosovo Small Arms Control Project (KOSSAC) is determined to reduce gun crime and violence in a country still recovering from a brutal war. According to a recent survey, 50 percent of households still possess firearms, many of them illegal. MORE >

UNDP in Ukraine

Hope springs in the midst of winter

UNDP is working with local authorities, Japan and others to rebuild infrastructure, rehabilitate social services, train people affected by the conflict to find jobs, and bring IDPs and host communities closer together. MORE >

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