Effective HIV and TB and control in the Kyrgyz Republic

Project overview

Funded by the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and malaria, the UNDP “Effective HIV and TB and control in the Kyrgyz Republic” project aims at reducing the burden of HIV and TB in the Kyrgyz Republic by providing timely and quality prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The project works to strengthen the health care system in the country, and recently has also adapted to help fight the new Covid-19 pandemic.

Key activities:

HIV: The project purchases quality treatment for people living with HIV. The project works with 19 NGOs and 4 organizations to prevent HIV in key groups of the population (LGBT, sex workers, people who inject drugs, people living with HIV). This includes providing consultations and support, free and regular rapid HIV testing, prevention material (condoms, syringes) and methadone treatment.  

TB: The project purchases quality drugs and injections for the treatment of M/XDR-TB (multidrug or extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis), enabling the system to provide free treatment for all patients in Kyrgyzstan. It ensures timely ordering and delivery of drugs, safe storing and distribution. The project also provides case managers to support patients on treatment for M/XDR-TB and reduce the number of patients interrupting their treatment.

Covid-19: The project is quickly adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic, purchasing necessary equipment for the health care system and helping partners adapt their response to HIV and TB in this context.


Interim results:

  • In 2019, the project purchased 80% of drugs for ART treatment
  • In the first semester of 2019, 14783 people were tested for HIV with rapid test and 29045 people were consulted and given HIV prevention packages among key population groups
  • More than 1000 patients, who previously injected drugs, are taking methadone treatment
  • 59 children participated in the HIV summer camp in 2019
  • 472 children with HIV and their families benefited from monthly motivational payments in 2019
  • In 2019, 616 children were scanned for TB through MRT. 157 of them were diagnosed with TB and started on the adequate treatment
  • The project purchases MDR/XDR - TB treatment for around 1200 patients each year
  • Nearly 1400 TB patients benefit from support of case managers and monthly motivational treatment
  • In Bishkek, the number of TB patients lost to follow up dropped from more than 20% to around 3%.


Expected results:

  • All HIV and TB patients have access to free, timely and quality treatment
  • More than 90% out of all RR/MDR/XDR TB cases are enrolled on treatment, annually nearly 1400 patients with RR/MDR/XDR TB start treatment.
  • The number of TB patients lost to follow up within the first 6 months of treatment is still <10%
  • >70% confirmed RR/MDR TB cases are tested for susceptibility to any fluoroquinolone and any second-line injectable drug
  • The number of new HIV infections, especially among key populations, is reduced by 50% by 2021 compared to 2015
  • 90% of people living with HIV receive antiretroviral therapy (ART) and viral load suppression is acheived in 90% of people receiving ART by 2021


Status: Active

Start date: July 2018

Projected end date: December 2020

Geographic coverage: Kyrgyz Republic

Subject area: Health

Project coordinator: Itana Labovic

Partners: Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic, Republican AIDS Center, National TB Center, Republican Center for Addictions, NGOs, Regional AIDS and TB centers

Funding Source: The Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and malaria


2018 - $7,727,877

2019 - $7,985,249

2020 - $5,246,698




Project start date:

July 2018

Estimated end date:

December 2020

Focus area:

  • eradicate poverty in all its forms and dimensions
  • Project office:

    UNDP in Kyrgyzstan

    Implementing partner:

    United Nations Development Programme

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    Funding Support by

    Donor name

  • Global Fund To Fight Aids
  • Tuberculosis
  • Ukr-association Of Municipal S
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    Delivery in previous fiscal year

    2020 $8,117,352

    2019 $7,547,231

    2018 $2,595,167

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