Photo: business-ladies on World Women's Entrepreneurship Day, UNDP/ Kyrgyzstan

Business Association JIA in cooperation with UNDP launched "Development and Implementation of Mentoring Programs for Women Entrepreneurs" within the framework of project "Aid For Trade in Central Asia" financed by the Government of Finland.

The programme is a six-month interaction with successful entrepreneurs. Through the programme, participants will receive support and advice from experienced peers on how to run a business, build a strategy in times of crisis, and learn effective time management and communication skills. The mentor not only shares skills and experience, but also helps to rediscover mentee's abilities, rebuild career trajectory, develop a personal and professional development plan. 

Requirements for participants: 

- Entrepreneurial experience of at least 1 year; 

- The presence of an operating business enterprise;

- Willingness to adapt their business after the pandemic.  

To apply:

Fill in the form through the link below 

The Mentor Programme is an effective and popular way to transfer professional knowledge and skills from a more experienced entrepreneur or specialist (mentor) to a less experienced one. 

The mentor is an experienced professional, a source of knowledge and answers. He inspires and helps his mentee develop in his personal and professional life. For example, in order to attract an investor, startup founders consult with mentor. He helps substantiate the idea with figures and draw up a company development plan, and shares contacts of investors he knows.

Mentee is an entrepreneur with little experience who needs help from a more experienced professional, who not only help solve difficult cases, but also provide moral support in various business situations.

If you have any questions, please contact +996551996106 

This initiative is supported by the Aid For Trade project, with financial support the Government of Finland.


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