Baktygul Chynybayeva teaches English to students. Photo: Asipa Altymysheva. UNDP Kyrgyzstan.

A month earlier, UNDP supported the “The Smart Way to Prospect with Dynamic Education” project as part of the InnoKG Innovative Solutions competition. The DynEd project, which became one of the winners, is a multimedia program for learning English language. Twenty teachers from different cities of Kyrgyzstan already trained by this system. One of them is Meerim Abdykadyrova, the principal of the primary school, who applied for participation in the DynEd innovative program to upgrade her qualification. Being one of the first graduates of the program, she shared her impressions with us.

“After taking the English course, my eldest son could easily communicate with foreigners. I was impressed with the results; however, for a long time I couldn’t make a decision to complete this training programme. Eventually I decided to upgrade my qualification and have no regrets now. The program proved to be interesting because it includes completely different topics, ranging from school subjects to scientific research. I didn’t even notice how quickly my foreign-language skills had improved. To say I am delighted is just a huge understatement.”

 Meerim Abdykadyrova, 

“Birinci Mugalim” Primary School Principal, Cholpon-Ata

Meerim Abdykadyrova at the lesson. Photo: Asipa Altymysheva. UNDP Kyrgyzstan.

Thus, 20 teachers from different cities of Kyrgyzstan participated in the project. According to the programme representatives, that method allows you to learn English at any age, in any region, and most importantly, from any level. Therefore, UNDP in Kyrgyzstan supported this programme. Another important factor is that, prior to the course, the majority of the participants were proficient in English at the initial level; only 5 per cent of them had an advanced level. Therefore, along with the development of narrowly focused skills, participants have also acquired personal development skills.

“I am sure that each project participant was able to improve his or her level of language, and most importantly - saw a new paradigm of teaching – when leaning is a student-centered process; when teaching is tailored to the individual needs of the students; when the learning goal is the student’s results and skills; when there is a fair and objective assessment; when there is a constant feedback to improve learning outcomes; independent work; and full language immersion. In addition to English, we conducted several additional master classes in personal growth. Our goal is to help everyone to succeed! Successful teacher means a successful student!”

                                                                                      Ainura Sagynbayeva,

DynEd project director.

Ainoura Sagynbayeva, DynEd project director. Photo: UNDP Kyrgyzstan.

The development of any State depends primarily on the educational level of the population. This, in turn, depends, of course, on the educational system, namely, the teacher and the student. The COVID-19 pandemic situation has shown how important it is to digitize the world and to involve every citizen in the information technology system. That is why the development of online teaching and the introduction of new teaching methodologies attracted the attention of the United Nations Development Programme in Kyrgyzstan. 

“Teachers’ qualification plays a key role in children's education. That is why continuous professional development of teachers is a key element of the entire education system. However, recent events with the pandemic in the country have made their own adjustments to the education system and require its transition to online system. To ensure that this sector continues to develop with the times, UNDP Innovative Solutions competition supported “The Smart Way to Prosperity with Dynamic Education” - which I consider a significant project.” 

                                      Jenty Kirsch-Wood, 

UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in the Kyrgyz Republic

Jenty Kirsch-Wood at the Women Entrepreneurship Day. Photo: UNDP Kyrgyzstan.

So, 20 teachers had the opportunity to study every day on their devices at home online in the Dyned Program at a convenient time for them, because they had access to the program 24/7.  In addition to independent classes, teachers worked with trainers of the language center Steppe Learning KG through Zoom 5 times a week. As a result, the intensive course was about more than 60 hours per month.  Each participant received certificates of their acquired level according to the international standard СЕFR. Then, 3 best teachers will be selected, who will be able to learn the DynEd method during the period of August – September.

Certificates of students. Photo: Asipa Altymysheva. UNDP Kyrgyzstan.
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