Louise Chamberlain, UNDP Resident Representative in Kyrgyzstan. Photo: UNDP Kyrgyzstan

UNDP in Kyrgyzstan is stepping up efforts to work with the Government, WHO and partners to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and reduce its negative impacts on the Kyrgyz Republic.

In recent days, the UNDP’s Global Fund team has delivered essential personal protective equipment to Ministry of Health first line COVID response doctors and nurses.  This initial support includes 90,000 masks and 2,000 respirators. The Global Fund has just approved the reallocation of another 395,595 USD to purchase 10 ventilators and 6500 rapid COVID19 tests. These new tests allow to rapidly diagnose COVID19 using the GeneXpert machines, previously brought to Kyrgyzstan by the Global Fund for the diagnosis of TB. Masks, test kits and other essential supplies are under the procurement, but conditions are challenging in the face of high global demand. 

UNDP is also stepping-up its operations to provide life-saving medical support to vulnerable populations, such as TB and HIV patients who are particularly at risk to secondary infections like COVID-19.  UNDP, with the support of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, procured medical equipment for $ 500,000 at this early stage, building on its strong global procurement network for health and its competent local procurement team. in health for support.

We continue to offer adaptive support to the Government during the prevention, response and recovering phases of the current crisis. The Management Board of Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) will support the Government to adjust some of the planned activities to fight COVID-19.

 “Kyrgyzstan needs to act immediately to prepare, respond, and recover. UNDP will support Kyrgyzstan and people through each stage, with a focus on the most vulnerable as part of its mission to eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities and build resilience to crises and shocks”, said Louise Chamberlain, UNDP Resident Representative.

The spread of COVID-19 is a health crisis but it is not just a health crisis. It is a social, economic and political crisis and UNDP is working closely with the Government to reduce the impact of current global events on vulnerable people.  Impact assessments of socio-economic, including cross-border, impacts have been initiated in partnership with the Ministry of Economy. UNDP is also helping coordinate recovery planning efforts to support national partners' decision-making.  UNDP also has begun to work with a network of innovators and economic experts to fast-track action to support communities meet the COVID-19 challenge and has seconded experts to the countries’ Digital IT Hub to help promote innovative information management tools to help combat the spread of the virus.

As part of its information dissemination efforts, UNDP is also partnering with WHO, and UNICEF and WhatsApp informing the billions on real-time updates on coronavirus.  More information on UNDP’s regional work is available via the Tweet Zero  site, and information on global efforts is accessible via this  website focusing on the worldwide efforts of the agency on combatting the pandemic.

To date, over 200 of COVID-19 cases have been reported in the country. 

Stay updated, stay healthy. 

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