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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), together with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), is organizing a hackathon to develop solutions to mitigate the negative effects of quarantine on children, youth and women in Kyrgyzstan. It is known that they belong to the group that suffers more from quarantine conditions and are more likely to be subjected to abuse or violence.

All hackathon solutions will address the needs of children, youth and women and prevention of domestic violence and child abuse.  The IT community is the best option to provide tools and strategies to reach women and children and address their challenges.  

Developers, programmers, and designers are expected to work 48 hours on the topic and offer the best digital solutions. Besides, hackathon also includes assistance in preventing and overcoming common mental problems such as depression and anxiety as well as the visibility and legal status of children left behind by migrant parents and caregivers.

Integration into IT solutions is proposed with the use of chatbots and other means of automated interaction for conducting regular surveys, providing online counseling and, if necessary, creating access to specialized counseling services. Another important development for the participants of the hackathon should be a tool for organizing training and leisure time, also by connecting to reliable online resources, both for children and adults. Also, it is expected that a tool for online civic engagement will be created.

All specialists from different backgrounds with digital and information technology skills are invited to participate. The deadline for applications is on April 24 at 23:59 Bishkek time.

All interested applicants must complete the application form.

We look forward to every developer who will participate in this large-scale event and contribute to finding innovative solutions for Kyrgyz people who are in need.

Contact information: +996 550 328-868

This assistance is provided as part of the joint humanitarian response under the Disaster Response Coordination Unit, which was activated on 16 March 2020 following the request of the Government to assist her in emergency preparedness and response for COVID-19 and setting a stage for early recovery. Chaired by the UN Resident Coordinator, the DRCU prioritizes and channels its support under six priority sectors: early recovery, education, food security and logistics, health, protection, and joint sector for water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and non-food items (NFI). The DRCU was set up in 2008 and its inter-agency teams comprise representatives of government ministries, UN agencies, international and local NGOs and representatives of donor community.

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