Umid Shukurov - activist from the community of people living with HIV

There are 9516 people registered with HIV in the Kyrgyz Republic, according to information given at a press lunch for World AIDS Day in Bishkek on 28 November, with the participation of the Republican AIDS Center, UN agencies and the HIV-affected community.

The fight against HIV is possible thanks to the key role played by the community. This is what highlights the slogan for World AIDS Day this year: “Communities make the difference.”

 «I couldn’t agree more with this slogan. Community members are the ones on the field carrying out prevention activities and helping to stop the epidemic. They are the ones supporting people diagnosed with HIV, sharing their own experiences and giving examples. They are the ones giving hope to others and showing that with treatment, it’s possible to live a beautiful life, even with HIV,” - Jenty Kirsh-Wood, Deputy Resident Representative of the UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic.


Jenty Kirsh-Wood - Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic during her speech

The Republican AIDS Center and the UN agencies awarded active members of the community for their contribution to the fight against HIV.

One of the winners, Umid Shukurov, said:

“The more people will openly speak about their HIV status, the more we will be heard. We understand HIV more than anyone else, and we need to bring change.”  

Umutkan Zhusupovna - Director of Republican AIDS Center awarded active journalists for their contribution in HIV programs

Under the Global Fund grant, the UNDP provides patients with free and quality treatment for HIV, encourages prevention within key groups of the population and supports NGOs and communities.

In November, the Republican AIDS Center together with partners conducted a free and fast testing campaign for HIV in Bishkek, Osh and Kara-Suu. As a result, 1365 people were tested and 4 were diagnosed with HIV. Since the beginning of the year, 14 853 people were tested for HIV in the country. 

Activists and media representatives were awarded for their contribution for HIV prevention programs

Knowing your status is crucial in the fight against HIV, since timely and constant treatment allows to control the disease, avoid further infection, live healthily and even give birth to a healthy child. 

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