BREAK THE CORRUPTION CHAIN campaign starts in Kyrgyzstan

Dec 9, 2014

Break the corruption chain!

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan - Today, on International Anti-Corruption Day Development and Partnership Foundation (DPF) with support of the UN system and UNDP in Kyrgyzstan has launched the BREAK THE CORRUPTION CHAIN campaign. As part of the campaign, DPF will organize public lectures in different cities of the country as well as an essay, photo and video story contest. The main goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of young people about how corruption affects the quality of our lives.

Lectures will be given by well-known personalities of Kyrgyzstan: experts, directors of companies, representatives of non-government and international organizations, civil society activists and leaders. Students, teachers and staff of 15 universities and 5 high schools in Bishkek, Kant, Osh, Jalal-Abad, Naryn and Karakol will be informed about how corruption destroys the economy, moral foundations, public institutions and contributes to prosperity of organized crime and terrorism.

According to UNDP’s chief adviser to the rule of law Lucio Sarandrea, we all need to be active participants in the prevention and fight against corruption, a phenomenon that corrupts/destroys the rule of Law and impedes the development of the economy by hampering the proper fulfillment of the human rights. “In a way corruption is the opposite of Robin Hood as it steals to the poor to give it to the rich ones” he said.

Corruption is one of the main factors that erode the stability and sustainable development of the state. This is a complex phenomenon in which politics, economy and the state of the society are intertwined. According to studies, the annual cost of corruption in Kyrgyzstan is 700 million US dollars, 40% of the annual budget of the country. If we divide this amount by 5.8 million, the population of Kyrgyzstan, the average amount of bribes will be 120 US dollars per person.

As part of the campaign, DPF created a Facebook page (, where anyone can participate in the discussion of this issue and tell openly about corruption cases. Participants can also post their stories in written, photos, cartoons or videos devoted to breaking the chain of corruption until 12/19/14. Author of the most “liked” post will receive 120 US dollars. To be part of the contest, one has to publish submissions on this page or tag the page on their own Facebook post and tag three friends to pass the turn to them.

This campaign in Kyrgyzstan is part of the joint UNDP/UNODC global campaign BREAK THE CORRUPTION CHAIN. Anyone can become a part of the campaign by organizing an event, using informational materials or by supporting the campaign in social networks. More information about the campaign:

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