Meerim Seitova and her kids

The problem of environmental pollution is becoming more important around the world, including in Kyrgyzstan. The human factor plays an important role in the development of this problem when people are often a source of pollution, both on the surface of the Earth and at the level of the atmosphere. Our college shared her feelings about this topic and told how to equip her “green life” for a prosperous future in her blog. 

Eco-blog of Meerim Seitova, UNDP Kyrgyzstan’s employee

The environmental awareness of the population in our country is at an extremely low level and just a few people imagine what negative impact we make on nature and the environment by draining its resources, polluting the planet and destroying species of plants and animals. 

Many people simply live by the principle of not caring what will happen after us. However, we must comprehend that people, animals, and plants in the future will need clean air, water and land resources for the good living. I would like to tell about those small things that our family does to make its small contribution to the conservation of our nature. 

A year ago, we started the primary sorting of garbage in the house - we separate food waste from non-degradable; for example, plastic bags, bottles, plastic, paper, glass, batteries and so on. Honestly, this is not easy for us - sometimes, by mistake, some family members throw everything into one bag by old habit, but under the strict supervision of my husband, this is revealed, suppressed and even a reprimand is announced.

We collect used paper products in a special box. We put everything that is made of paper there: receipts, packages of medicines, clothes, an old newspaper, and other paper materials. In the first 5 months, we accumulated about 7 kg of waste paper, which we drove in the car for a long time, until we finally found a waste paper collection point. Previously, we were just throwing it in garbage bins, but now we have found a recycling point and take it only there.

Our family is very upset that recently in Bishkek many trees have been cut down along the streets to free up space for roads, parking lots, shops and houses, and in return, seedlings are almost not planted. Therefore, this year we planted several seedlings of chestnut in the yard.

Teaching Responsible Consumption

Plastic bottles do not accumulate in the house so quickly, because we try not to buy products with plastic bottles. We also collect and give stale bread and crumbs to those who have pets. We use eco-bags and minimized the use of plastic bags in shopping. 

Kubatbek, our eldest son is greatly engaged with the problem of garbage, he began to pay attention to the problem and gets upset if he sees garbage on the street. Recently, I accidentally noticed that even a little Bolotbek does not throw out his candy wrappers, but carefully puts them in his pocket, so later he could throw them in the garbage box.

We replaced all ordinary bulbs with energy-saving ones to reduce electricity consumption. We wear warmer clothes in the cold and turn on the heater only if the temperature in the house is below 18 degrees. We save tap water and don't let it just flow. We installed a hot water meter, which helped us to decrease the water expenses. I often prefer public transport to my car. I think that it is unreasonable and too "luxurious" to drive my car alone.

Promoting the Green Principle of Life

We are trying to reduce the amount of waste in the house by coping with the modern disease of humanity - consumerism. We utilize our belongings only if there is no way of giving it away. However, since it is difficult to find a person who may need them, many of them occupy the space in the house for many months. But in most cases, the husband gives them a second life or use them for other purposes.

In the end, I would like to note that people should get rid of such primitive thinking that the maintenance and cleaning of territories is a matter of utilities, which are paid money for it. This is not true. It will be possible to maintain a beautiful and clean planet only if each of us begins to take care of our environment. 

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