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Nigora Dautova: Don’t be afraid to pursue technical classes

Nigora Dautova, a 19-year-old student at the Kyrgyz Technical University, learned python and became the head of a development studio at the Codify group of IT companies.  

The long way to citizenship recognition

Life ups and downs prevented Halimzhan Abdiraimov from getting the citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic. Now he has obtained his first Kyrgyz passport. But this is on the end of the story  

Adventure tourism in Kyrgyzstan – through the eyes of foreigners

What surprised a young couple from France in Kyrgyzstan, why they felt part of the family here and how they soaked up the spirit of nomads, read our piece to find out.  

The Sun in allies: how residents of the private sector can save on electricity bills

Recently, the National Power network of Kyrgyzstan stated that the republic has reached the peak of electricity consumption during the entire existence of the energy system. To avoid negative…  

Solar energy to save money

Myrzaiym Child Educational Center (CEC) located in the town of Isfana has become a paragon for successful application of energy-saving solutions in the Batken Oblast with the first photovoltaic power…  

Sanitary Epidemiological Service in Sulukta switched to an eco-friendly heating system

The air heat pumps installed in the Sulukta Town Center for Disease Prevention and State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision ensure conditions for the most accurate test results.  

Heat pumps on guard of villagers' health

Air-to-air heat pumps provided within the UNDP-OFID Energy Access SMEs Development Project are helping the villagers of Zhin-Zhigen to fight COVID-19.  

Why medical waste management is a priority now

The COVID-19 outbreak in Kyrgyzstan, as in many countries around the world, revealed gaps in health, economics, social protection, governance and public policy systems. This required massive…  

A rural school in the Issyk-Kul oblast takes advantage of a helioplant

Solar collectors provide one of the most modern and eco-friendly technologies to collect energy that can be used for heating water and buildings. Now this device is successfully used in a school of…  

How mobile applications have opened doors for children with hearing loss

The pandemic has made life difficult for everyone, especially for hearing impaired children affected by the reformatting of education. Read how digital solutions help them adapt to changes.  

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