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How to protect children from HIV, tuberculosis and Covid-19

UNDP / Global Fund project specialists share their advice on how to protect children from HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and Covid-19 infection.  

The results of the online school "Ukuktuk Mektep"

Over the past few months of self-isolation in Kyrgyzstan connected with the Pandemic Covid-19, there was much information about online learning opportunities for young people. Today, the benefits of…  

Protecting the rights of children is the responsibility of adults

Young people entering into marriage, particularly those living in remote border regions, should pay special attention to the issue of documenting the fact of the birth of a child.  

Interview: How we help children living with HIV

Ravshan Madjipov, director of the NGO “Plus Center Osh”, tells us in an interview about the work conducted with children living with HIV under the UNDP/ Global Fund Project. Most of these children…  

Recovering tourism business through the eyes of entrepreneurs

The COVID-19 epidemic has already had an impact on the global economy and the financial system of Kyrgyzstan, among others.  

The future of sustainable energy in Kyrgyzstan: nuances and conventionalities

In this article, we reflected together with Kumar Kylychev, UNDP advisor and project coordinator, on energy trends expected in the future and the nuances of transition to clean and sustainable energy.…  

The Walnut and Coniferous Forests of the Western Tian Shan Expanded by 300 hectares

Over 200 thousand seedlings of walnut, pistachio, larch, pine, and the Tian Shan spruce replenished the forest fund of Aksy, Toktogul and Toguz-Toro Forestries  

Parks and Reserves of the Western Tian-Shan Received Office Equipment

Today, on the International Day for Biological Diversity, the UNDP donated office equipment to five specially protected natural areas of the Western Tian-Shan.  

The UN globally launches ‘Verified’ campaign to combat misinformation about COVID-19

Yesterday the United Nations launched ‘Verified’, an initiative to combat the growing scourge of COVID-19 misinformation by increasing the volume and reach of trusted, accurate information.  

COVID-19: Human development on course to decline this year for the first time since 1990

Global human development – which can be measured as a combination of the world’s education, health and living standards – could decline this year for the first time since the concept was introduced in…  

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