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Inclusive Kyrgyzstan

Every day people with disabilities face many physical and information barriers invisible to most people, are exposed to discrimination invisible to others, and have to overcome negative stereotypes.  

UNDP and ITC have launched the Central Asia Trade Intelligence Portal to help exporters enhance their potential

Today United Nations Development Programme and International Trade Centre have launched the Central Asian Trade Intelligence Portal  

Youth Center opened in Balykchy

The Youth Centers will feature youth initiative groups established in all 10 pilot villages and towns, which will assist local self-government and local youth in implementing joint youth development…  

Kyrgyzstan learns from Mongolian experience in attracting green finance

On 17 February 2021, the Kyrgyz Republic and Mongolia launched online South-South cooperation on learning experience of Mongolian in attracting green finance.  

Adventure tourism in Kyrgyzstan – through the eyes of foreigners

What surprised a young couple from France in Kyrgyzstan, why they felt part of the family here and how they soaked up the spirit of nomads, read our piece to find out.  

Tackling unemployment in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis: Training opportunity for those facing unemployment

Upskilling the workforce in Kyrgyzstan to bridge the digital divide is a complex issue that requires business leaders, opinion-formers, the government, and educators to work together to make our…  

The Sun in allies: how residents of the private sector can save on electricity bills

Recently, the National Power network of Kyrgyzstan stated that the republic has reached the peak of electricity consumption during the entire existence of the energy system. To avoid negative…  

Solar energy to save money

Myrzaiym Child Educational Center (CEC) located in the town of Isfana has become a paragon for successful application of energy-saving solutions in the Batken Oblast with the first photovoltaic power…  

Using remote sensing for the NDC update

Remote sensing with satellites and GIS present new tools that can be used to inform the update. Satellite derived information can give insights on e.g. vegetation development, land degradation,…  

A mobile application will become available for job match in Kyrgyzstan soon

As a part of COVID-19 response measures, UNDP is working on the development and launch of a mobile application to help citizens with quick and convenient job search, and help employers find skilled…  

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