Socio-economic development of communities around radioactive sites in Kyrgyzstan

About the project

The project is aimed at creating an enabling environment for sustainable human development in 4 municipalities, located near radioactive tailing sites. Target areas of the project are Min-Kush village of Naryn oblast, Kadji-Sai village of Issyk-Kul oblast, Ak-Tyuz village and Orlovka town of Chui oblast.

Expected results

  • increasing awareness and improved skills of local community members and authorities in preventing and responding to disasters, as well as establishing a system for regular monitoring of disaster risks;
  • rehabilitation of key economic and social infrastructure of the communities;
  • development of income-generating activities in the area of production and processing of agricultural products, as well as service sector;
  • increasing capacity of local government authorities and improving municipal services.

Achievements of the project in 2015

  • support was provided for the projects on repairing of 5 educational and 1 public health facilities, installation of a lighting system and provision of the municipal street maintenance and cleaning vehicle. The amount of support is 100 thousand US dollars;
  • to ensure access of local people to clean drinking water rehabilitation of water supply systems is supported. Rehabilitation works in Min-Kush and Kadji-Sai villages, as well as Orlovka town, are under way. The amount of support is over160 thousand US dollars;
  • the projects on establishing of the processing and services delivery enterprises, as well as initiatives for development of the agricultural production, such as bakery, service station, sewing shops and shop for producing and renovating furniture, fruit and berries orchard, refrigeration chamber for storaging fruit and vegetables, and shop for production of juice were supported with grants.  The amount of the grants is 50 thousand US dollars;
  • the feasibility study of the comprehensive system of assessment and monitoring of disaster risks is under way. The study is implemented by a field-specific expert organization.
Status:       Active
Focus area:       Socio-economic development
Project start date:       January 1, 2015
Estimated end date:       December 31, 2016

Geographic coverage:
Min-Kush village of Naryn oblast
Kadji-Sai village of Issyk-Kul oblast
Ak-Tyuz village and Orlovka town of Chui oblast

Source of funding: The Government of the Russian Federation (contribution amount 1,476,000 USD)

Partners: The Executive Office of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic, the State Administrations of Jumgal, Ton and Kemin districts, the Mayor’s Office of Orlovka, local governments, “Rosatom” State Corporation.

Project Manager
Mr. Bakytbek Sheripbaev (

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