Improving the Coverage and Effectiveness of Protected Areas in the Central Tian Shan Mountains

About the Project

Central Tian Shan belongs to the Global 200 Ecoregions list, and has a number of important areas. There are 31 endemic non-vertebrate species, and 11 endemic vascular plant species. The Central Tian Shan harbours several globally vulnerable, threatened, and endangered species including the snow leopard. At present, less than 20% of the Snow Leopard range in Central Tian Shan is under special protection; the project implementation will increase this coverage to 48% by establishing a new State Nature Park “Khan Tengri”, strengthen the national protected areas (PA) system, and increase the overall national PA coverage from 6.03% to approximately 7%.

Expected Results

  • Establishment of a new protected area in Khan Tengri region – the State Nature Park “Khan-Tengri”.
  • Strengthen patrolling, enforcement, and surveillance systems in PAs.
  • Improvement the legislation on Protected Areas that defines procedures for the establishment, operation, and enforcement of PA buffer zones and wildlife corridors considering the responsibilities and interests of all stakeholders. 
  • Identification of buffer zones for the new PA at Khan Tengri and designing wildlife corridors between Khan Tengri and Sarychat-Ertash natural reservations to provide favorable conditions for the species diversity of flora and fauna and sustainable migration routes for large mammals, which is under state protection.
  • Trained staff of protecteced areas to ensure that they can effectively fulfill management objectives.
  • Development and implementation of the alternative livelihoods programme for local communities.

What we have accomplished so far

  • Presentation of the project at local levels to develop clear consensus about the effective implementation of the project among all stakeholders, create partnerships and discuss planned activities.
  • Business meeting with Engilchek village district, closest self-governance body to the projected State Nature Park “Khan-Tengri”.
  • Assistance in organization of the Global Snow Leopard Conservation Forum. As a result, the forum approved the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program and adopted the Bishkek Declaration on Conservation of Snow Leopard was adopted. In addition, the Secretariat on Snow Leopard Conservation will be established in the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • A special tour for media to Issyk-Kul province in order to raise public awareness on the Protected Areas System of the Central Tien Shan.
  • Identification of land users in the projected territory of State park "Khan Tengri".
  • Discussion of research findings: analysis of local development plans for mainstreaming of biodiversity issues, assessment of needs of the Central Tian-Shan PAs staff, Protected Areas Management Planning, desk review of the State of Affairs with Biodiversity Monitoring Including Patrolling in PAs.

Who finances it?

Donor Amount (USD)
GEF     950,000


Year Amount (USD)
2013 52, 721

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