Third Report on Progress Towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Kyrgyzstan

Jan 14, 2014

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is a global development agenda on reducing poverty, improving universal education and child health, expanding access to clean water, fighting malaria and AIDS. Despite much progress towards the goals, positive changes in the lives of the poorest are very slow.

In order to understand why countries develop national MDG reports, preparation of which requires collaboration of national partners, including the government, civil society organizations, private sector, international organizations.

This report presents an analysis of trends and issues of inequality, poverty and identifies the main problems that hinder progress in achieving the objectives with consideration of the impact of the economic crisis and climate change.

The report emphasizes two new moment in the process of achieving the MDGs in Kyrgyzstan. First, Kyrgyzstan is on a trajectory to achieve MDG 4 (reducing child mortality). According to the Global assessment of survival of mothers, newborns and children, Kyrgyzstan for the first time included in the 15 countries that are on track to achieve MDG4. Second, in late 2012, the country launched the Millennium Acceleration Framework for MDG 5 (maternal health), which aims at identifying the main bottlenecks to achieve targets of MDG 5, as well as develop an action plan to address these issues.

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