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How energy-saving and clean air are connected. Expert opinion

In Kyrgyzstan, about 90% of electricity is produced in a clean, environmentally friendly way, and the country uses it for 70 tyiyns (0.008 USD) per 1 kW. At the same time, thermal energy is generated…  

UNDP announces eco-competition on Solid Waste Management

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) invites innovators, representatives of the private sector and civil society to participate in eco-competition on Solid Waste Management. The competition will…  

The future of sustainable energy in Kyrgyzstan: nuances and conventionalities

In this article, we reflected together with Kumar Kylychev, UNDP advisor and project coordinator, on energy trends expected in the future and the nuances of transition to clean and sustainable energy.…  

UNDP in Kyrgyzstan Promotes Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Through Light Bulb Exchange Campaign

More than 250 Kyrgyz citizens answered the UNDP call to exchange incandescent bulbs for domestically produced LED lamps as part of the “Together Brighter-Kyrgyzstan!” campaign, held on October 26,…  

Kyrgyzstan hosts the first children’s camp on energy saving #BurnBright at Issyk-Kul lake

August 15, 2019, Bosteri – The first children’s camp on energy saving is being held from August 14 to 24, 2019.  

Welcome speech at the opening ceremony of the pre-school facility

DEAR RESIDENTS and local authorities! On behalf of the UN System in the Kyrgyz Republic I am honored to greet you all at this official ceremony!  

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