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New UNDP platform BOOST will use social impact innovation to tackle Covid-19 challenges

BOOST will support change makers and innovators to address the effects of Covid-19 across Europe and Central Asia in the areas of digitization, economy and health  

Infographics "Digital skills and entrepreneurship"

For more information, see the infographics and report.  

A new methodology for improving teachers’ skills. About the winners of the Inno KG

Teachers’ qualification plays a key role in children's education.  

Digital flash cards and a media book for people with hearing impairment. Another solution from Inno KG Challenge

One of the most common ailments of humanity is considered to be hearing loss.  

On call 24/7: how the coronavirus changed Kyrgyzstan's telemedicine

On April of this year, UNDP held a competition for innovative solutions, where more than 70 applications were received within two weeks.  

InnoKg Challenge Winners: Digital learning for deaf kids, online doctors and English learning platform

This initiative is designed to provide quick, diverse and effective solutions to address the impact of the virus. UNDP supported three innovative projects for a total amount of $25,000.  

IT solutions developed by young people will help end domestic violence against women and children

3 projects announced as winners of the first online hackathon in Kyrgyzstan, organized by UNDP and UNICEF  

6 ways of how technology is helping to fight the COVID-19 in Kyrgyzstan

The coronavirus is checking the country’s preparedness and response to an emergency, from the public health system to information exchange.  

UNDP Kyrgyzstan to organize a hackathon to mitigate the effects of coronavirus in cooperation with UNICEF

UNDP Kyrgyzstan to organize a hackathon to mitigate the effects of coronavirus in cooperation with UNICEF. Invitation to participate  

How does digital technology help crack the pandemic in Kyrgyzstan?

Blog of Kanagat Alyshbayev, coordinator of the project " Digital skills and opportunities for youth employment towards digital economy ".  

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