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UNDP supported Dyned - a new methodology for improving teachers’ skills. There are already the first graduates

UNDP supported the “The Smart Way to Prospect with Dynamic Education” project as part of the InnoKG Innovative Solutions competition. The DynEd project, which became one of the winners, is a…  

Kyrgyzstan ranks on 122nd place out of 189 on human development

Kyrgyzstan took 122nd place out of 189 countries in terms of human development according to the "Human Development Report - 2019".  

Schoolgirls to obtain video skills

On October 11, International Girls' Day is celebrated around the world to attract attention to the social problems, inequalities and specific threats that girls around the world face.  

To hear the world through the sign language

According to official data of the Kyrgyz Society for the Blind and Deaf, more than 5 thousand persons with vision disabilities and more than 4 thousand citizens with hearing disabilities are…  

A two-day workshop on biodiversity and forestry was held in Bishkek

On December 5-6, 2018, a two-day seminar on capacity building and raising awareness in the field of biodiversity conservation and forestry in Kyrgyzstan was held in Bishkek.  

Eco-education through the epic "Manas"

Today UNDP organized a round-table on development of an animated video based on the epic of “Manas”. The video will be dedicated to issues of environmental protection.  

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