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UNDP extends its support to Kyrgyzstan to fight COVID-19

UNDP extends its assistance to the Kyrgyz Republic supplying another set of medical equipment, PPEs for medical institutions and cancer drugs.  

UNDP distributes food packages to people living with HIV, TB patients and members of key population groups

The UNDP / Global Fund project distributed 2577 food packages to people living with HIV, TB patients and community members most in need and in difficult life situations.  

Why medical waste management is a priority now

The COVID-19 outbreak in Kyrgyzstan, as in many countries around the world, revealed gaps in health, economics, social protection, governance and public policy systems. This required massive…  

Love in the shelter: “HIV doesn’t keep us from being together”

“You shouldn’t think your life ends with HIV. Life continues, you just have to pull yourself together and take ART,” says 40-year-old Alexei.  

Covid19 comes as a double blow to those living with HIV

For people living with HIV, or those at risk of contracting the disease, the pandemic created a new challenge — how to get essential healthcare.  

“Global solidarity, shared responsibility”: Ensuring uninterrupted services to people living with HIV during the pandemic

Today on December 1st the world celebrates World AIDS Day. This year’s global theme is “Global solidarity, shared responsibility” – a reminder that “no one is safe until everyone is safe” with a call…  

Guaranteed access to HIV prevention, diagnosis and care

Statement by UNDP Resident Representative, Ms Louise Chamberlain on World AIDS Day, 1 December 2020  

UNDP, UNAIDS and “Partners’ Network” are developing an app on HIV

The UNDP / Global Fund project, UNAIDS and the “Partners’ Network” association are developing a mobile application on HIV. Its goal is to provide accessible information on prevention, testing and…  

Mental health service specialists gained new skills on providing first psychological aid to the victims of COVID-19

The series of online trainings was conducted by the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences for Kyrgyzstani psychotherapists and psychologists in the field of diagnostics and…  

UNDP mobile brigades bring medical services to patients’ homes

Since September, mobile brigades around the country started bringing medical services to tuberculosis (TB) or HIV patients’ homes when needed.  

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