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“It’s as if people had forgotten about HIV”

The UNDP and its partners are stepping up efforts to continue HIV prevention regardless of the new pandemic and health focus.  

Training of Kyrgyz specialists of the mental health service on providing first psychological aid to the victims of COVID-19

UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic jointly with the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences is conducting a series of trainings on providing first psychological aid to the victims of…  

Voices from the Red Zone: “We need support”

To support health care workers in these unprecedented times of pandemic, the UNDP project “Effective HIV and TB Control in the Kyrgyz Republic”, funded by the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tubeculosis…  

Covid-19: After the «red zone», doctors rest in observation

After working in the “red zone” in direct contact with Covid-19 patients, health care workers are supposed to undergo a 14-day observation period.  

Photo-Report from the red-zone for Covid-19

The work and life of health care workers significantly changed with the outbreak of Covid-19 in Kyrgyzstan.  

Supporting an inclusive and multi-sectoral response to covid-19 and addressing its socio-economic impact in the Kyrgyz Republic

UNDP Kyrgyzstan is launching an integrated and human-centered COVID-19 response with the financial support of the Government of Japan. This project’s interventions are a fundamental component of part…  

The UNDP opened shelters for people living with HIV in July

The UNDP re-opened two centers for people living with HIV to support people in difficult life situations  

Equipment, e-health and trainings: how we fight Covid-19

The UNDP / Global Fund Project is providing medical equipment, adapting TB and HIV programs and supporting health care workers to fight Covid-19  

We stand with you – towards a better future

Our hearts go out with sincere empathy also to those who went through the ordeal of this disease and defeated it  

The UNDP and the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria support doctors working in “red zones” for Covid-19

The UNDP is equipping health care workers with personal protective equipment (PPE), providing them with observation periods, and will organize training to enhance their knowledge on Covid-19  

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