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Public discussions on radiation safety were held in Min-Kush village

Within the framework of the joint UNDP-OSCE regional project “Stakeholder Engagement for Uranium Legacy Remediation in Central Asia – Phase II” financed by the European Union, on November 11, 2021, a…  

Kyrgyzstan took part in the Regional Conference on Public-Private Dialogue in Fergana Valley

The UNDP offices in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan co-hosted a Regional Conference on Public-Private Dialogue within the framework of the joint efforts to facilitate sustainable social-economic…  

Making Migration Work for Development in Kyrgyzstan: Presentation of Research Results

More than a million citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic are in temporary or permanent migration around the world, most of them in the Russian Federation.  

Residents of Uzgen district now drink only clean water

Uzgen SES was provided modern equipment for water quality control. For three years now, 300,000 residents of Uzgen district have been drinking safe drinking water.  

Timely diagnosis saves lives

Ten health organizations of Kara-Kulja, Uzgen and Nookat districts were provided sets of electrocardiography equipment with an automatic transcription function and external defibrillators for a total…  

Street lightning made the village safer and more convenient

Anarbayev Street in shoro Bashat village has become famous throughout the district due to its LED street lighting.  

UNDP introduces measures to improve access to legal services in border communities

The United Nations Development Programme, as part of its multilateral comprehensive assistance to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in response to the COVID-19 crisis, launched activities aimed at…  

Why medical waste management is a priority now

The COVID-19 outbreak in Kyrgyzstan, as in many countries around the world, revealed gaps in health, economics, social protection, governance and public policy systems. This required massive…  

The Transition to a More Inclusive Green Economy: How will it improve life in Kyrgyzstan?

“-- I moved to a village near to Bishkek because of several reasons. My mom has been coughing a lot. We lived right in the city centre. We felt the dust, noise of the street. With the deterioration of…  

Green economy: from theory to practice in the Kyrgyz Republic

A Green Economy week was held in the Kyrgyz Republic last week, with a message that a transition to a greener and more inclusive economy is key for advancing the sustainable development of the…  

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