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Kyrgyzstan is well-prepared to COVID-19 but remains vulnerable due to economic challenges

Kyrgyzstan seems to be well-prepared to pandemics like COVID-19 but remains vulnerable due unemployment and dependency on remittances.  

Kyrgyzstan ranks on 122nd place out of 189 on human development

Kyrgyzstan took 122nd place out of 189 countries in terms of human development according to the "Human Development Report - 2019".  

To hear the world through the sign language

According to official data of the Kyrgyz Society for the Blind and Deaf, more than 5 thousand persons with vision disabilities and more than 4 thousand citizens with hearing disabilities are…  

4622 people received legal assistance during the Decade

The Ministry of Justice’s Center for Coordination of State-Guaranteed Legal Aid held the Annual Decade of Legal Assistance from December 3-10, 2018. During the decade, 4,622 people received free legal…  

UNDP Kyrgyzstan Gender Equality Strategy, 2018-2022

The Gender Equality Strategy 2018-2022 of UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic will serve as a guidance in implementing the core principles of gender equality and empowerment as set in UNDP’s Strategic Plan…  

Saving lives and being a person liable for

There are certain stereotypes about the "male" and "female" professions in society. For example, people are used to seeing women in the education sphere, in certain areas of medicine.  

The Convention is a road map to realize the rights and freedoms

Upon ratification of the Convention, the country will have to adopt a number of laws to create a physical accessible environment in the buildings and structures, to introduce inclusive education, to…  

Youth Center opened in Bishkek

Mirlan Parkhanov, Deputy Director of the State Agency, welcomed the guests to the new center and provided introductory information. He noted that the center has a large and small conference rooms, an…  

Efforts of the Whole Society Will Help Implementing

Provision of high-quality educational, medical and legal services, creation of an accessible environment, and strengthening of the social protection  

Negative stereotypes cause damage to the state

New UNDP research shows that despite the improvement of the state policy and overall attitude of people towards persons with disabilities and rural women negative stereotypes are still deeply rooted…  

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