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The elections in Kyrgyzstan will be a test of democracy and inclusion

This blog is prepared by Louise Chamberlain, the Resident Representative of the UN Development Programme (UNDP) to the Kyrgyz Republic  

Three weeks before the elections: diary of the preparations to elections

Closer to elections, preparations are running faster, and one starts feeling that country is in election mood. Parties continue campaigning, the country is full of billboards with parties promising…  

Four weeks before the elections: Diary of the preparation for elections

Less than one month is left before the elections and the election campaign is in full swing. Since September 4, political parties started campaigning and the entire country is with interest following…  

diary of the preparations for elections

The fifth week of preparation for the elections was marked by a candidate registration process. Out of the 17 political parties that submitted documents to the Central Election Commission, 15 have…  

Diary of the preparations for elections - six weeks prior to the elections

The process of elections to the Jogorku Kenesh is in full swing, approaching the active phase - campaigning. Political parties conducted their congresses, nominated the candidates and submitted their…  

Seven weeks before the elections: Diary of the preparation for elections

The preparations for the elections to the Jogorku Kenesh, scheduled for October 4, 2020, are gaining momentum. Within 5 days since the day of scheduling the elections, 44 political parties notified…  

Diary of the preparations for elections. Eight weeks before elections.

Each electoral process is unique and differs from the previous one. The life does not stand still, the cir-cumstances change and the election process itself changes. At the very beginning it is…  

How legal design thinking can be used for improving access to justice for youth

How to conduct planned workshop during isolation to discuss challenges that young people come across with in terms of access to justice in border areas of Kyrgyzstan.  

“Youth Laboratory 2020”: for fair and equitable elections in Kyrgyzstan

Makhabat Murzakanova, UNDP Specialist on Civic Education shares her impression on the launch of Youth Lab in Kyrgyzstan.  

How health care workers are adapting to Covid-19

Yulia Aleshkina works as a Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist (M&E) for the UNDP / Global Fund project. In this blog she shares results of a survey conducted in May 2020 among health care workers to…  

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