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The Head of Central Elections Commission Mrs Nurzhan Shaildabekova and UNDP Chief-Technical Advisor on Elections Yulia Shypilova with the winners of the Youth Lab "Shaila// Vote".


In response to a formal request from the Central Elections Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic to provide electoral assistance, and based on the UNDPPA Needs Assessment Mission, UNDP is implementing the Kyrgyzstan Electoral Support Programme.

The 22-month programme (March 2020 to December 2021) consists of three components; purchase of equipment for biometric registration, identification and automated calculations of voting, soft component aimed at educating the general public and civil society to take part in electoral processes, and training the state partners, particularly the CEC.

Journalists during the meeting with the project team

Enhancement of integrity, efficiency and inclusiveness of the electoral operations 

To promote transparent and accountable systems of political finance, enhance the integrity of Kyrgyz’s political processes, as well as to ensure transparency and a level playing field for parties and candidates, the following work has been done:

  • Public dialogue on electoral integrity and transparency of the campaign finance
  • Training of CSOs and conducting awareness-raising seminars for media representatives on monitoring of electoral campaign finance
  • Providing technical assistance and advisory support to the CEC in strengthening capacity on overseeing campaign finance
A piece from the series of sketches to promote women engagement in the electoral process

Engagement with civil society, media, and empowerment of women as voters and eligible candidates

As part of the Programme’s  support, emphasis is given to ensure that the CEC is appropriately equipped and trained to specifically address the challenge of women participation both as candidates and voters. Similar emphasis is made on the youth, persons with disabilities and other disenfranchised groups including ethnic minorities. 

Project team is at the meeting with migrants from Russian Federation
A theater performance about women leaders of Kyrgyz people to be broadcasted on the National TV.

Supporting the Civic Education Center

  • Implementation of the action plan for the Civic Education Centre
  • Seconding experts to the Civic Education Center
  • Develop e-learnings for enhanced training capacity
  • Support the CEC online-learning platform and development of the online-course
  • Training videos on Election Day Procedures
  • Development of cyberhygiene online-course
Demonstration of the electoral equipment at the handover ceremony

Enhance security for the electoral process

  • Trainings on human rights and electoral security for Security Forces
  • Trainings on hate speech for criminal justice actors, specifically tailored to election contexts
  • Development of specific guidance documents on hate speech prevention
Women, people with disabilities and youth exercising their rights

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