Peace, Accountability

and Justice

Peace, Accountability and  Justice

UNDP in partnership with the Parliament, Government, CSOs and the main target groups including women and youth frames its assistance around SDGs 5, 10 and 16 focused on accountability, transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency of institutions to respond to citizens’ expectations for rule of law and justice, more transparent and effective services.

UNDP Results Area “Accountable Institutions, Justice and Peace” project portfolio reflects those priorities:

Accountable Institutions

The Parliament will be supported to better exercise its oversight functions. Capacities of key institutions will be strengthened for accountable, transparent and inclusive policy implementation and delivery of public services including  HIV/TB services towards all vulnerable groups of populations.

UNDP supports the Government to transform the way it operates using smart solutions and e-services to become more responsive and bring together policy and delivery to enable services to be delivered focused on outcomes for people.

Enhancing Rule of Law/Access to Justice

Justice system and institutions will be capacitated to implement the legal framework and uphold rule of law, promote and protect Human Rights, and ensure access to justice of vulnerable population groups, especially women, youth, minorities and persons with disabilities.

Sustaining Peace

UNDP supports the Government to implement sustainable solutions for prevention of violent extremism applying an inclusive approach anchored in tolerance, civic engagement, economic empowerment and, structured dialogues to address exclusion and inequalities. Institutions and communities will be supported with inclusive policies, mechanisms and capacities to address the drivers of violent extremism and risks of conflicts.

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