Peace, Accountability

and Justice

Promoting democratic principles of governance

UNDP’s work in the good governance area in Kyrgyzstan focuses on three main areas: decentralization and local self-governance, access to justice/anticorruption and parliamentary reform. Democratic Governance Programme works with the President’s Office, Prime Minister’s Office, Parliament, Ministry of Justice, General Prosecutor’s Office, Ombudsman’s Institution, other ministries and non-government organizations to help strengthen their capacity and promote democratic principles of governance.

UNDP’s comparative advantages in conflict prevention and peace building area include its Peace and Development Programme (PDP) engaged with government on conflict prevention in a systematic way. PDP works with the UN Regional Centre for Preventative Diplomacy in Central Asia to support a comprehensive approach to assist the government in its development of conflict prevention and peace building related policies. UNDP assists various government agencies, including parliament, to ensure that their activities are conflict-sensitive.

In 2011 UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic became a primary recipient of Global Fund grants on HIV, TB and Malaria for the Kyrgyz Republic. In partnership with government authorities and non-governmental organizations UNDP helps to prevent spread of HIV, TB and malaria by tackling the problems not only from medical standpoint, but also from socio-economic perspective.

Our Goals

UNDP helps Kyrgyz Republic in carrying out institutional reforms and strengthening best governance practices to ensure that accountable and responsive local government systems, elected representatives, officials and communities are in place. The aim is to promote equitable and sustainable human development by making it an integral component of government plans and policies. UNDP also aims to strengthen access to justice for the vulnerable groups of people: youth, women and the poor by addressing key barriers in social, economic and political domain.

Peace and Development Programme seeks to support the development of the national capacity to identify, understand and peacefully respond to conflicts and their root causes. It focuses on strengthening mechanisms and structures that contribute to social cohesion, tolerance and peace.

UNDP’s work in the area of fighting HIV, TB and malaria is aimed at decreasing incidences of infections and sustaining already registered cases in the country via expansion of available services to vulnerable populations, improving universal access to treatment and strengthening national institutions.

Programmes and Initiatives

Towards a sustainable access to justice for legal empowerment in the Kyrgyz Republic
Supporting the Unified State Population Registry to Establish the E-Government System
Effective TB And HIV Control Project In The Kyrgyzstan
Strong And Inclusive Parliamentary Democracy

30% Gender Quota


to make sure women don’t have to face the glass ceiling when advancing in the ranks of political parties and that they have equal chances to be represented in legislative branch.

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