A human destroying or a human creating – one climate story

The impacts of global warming and climate change are adverse and irreversible. Loss of biodiversity, destruction of ecosystems, an increasing number of natural disasters and weather anomalies, threats…  

Opinion: Kyrgyz Republic’s climate plan invites international cooperation

As we approach the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), taking place in Glasgow from 31 October, we are witnessing a key test of global commitment to bold climate action. The goal of…  

Join Community of Practices #STEM4ALL

On today's International Day of the Girl Child, we are reaching out to this wonderful network to celebrate our mission to achieve gender equality in science, technology, engineering and mathematics…  

An opportunity for Central Asian countries to join efforts of the global community to help curb climate change

Climate change is not a religion to believe in it. It is science, and the science is clear. The year 2020 has officially ranked 2nd hottest year on record for our planet. Depleting water resources,…  

NGOs, communities and UNDP support play a primary role in HIV control

In this blog, Gulipa Sheishenova writes about her organization’s partnership with the UNDP / Global Fund project and common achievements.  

Glaciers of Kyrgyzstan: How they are disappearing

To draw public attention to melting glaciers and climate change within the framework of the Political Action for Climate Security in Central Asia project, funded by the Government of Great Britain and…  

Kyrgyzstan's youth: the future of the country's sustainable development

Humanity is developing at an accelerated pace: the dynamic development of IT technology, artificial intelligence, space tourism, the Starlink programme - which will enable unlimited access to the…  

Indigenous peoples are leading the global transformation of nature, climate and economy

It's time for a change. Many reports on the decline of nature, such as the Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, point to one conclusion: It is time for societal change in…  

Warning lights — for our societies and the planet — are flashing red

The United Nations Development Program has released its 30th Anniversary Human Development Report titled The Next Frontier: Human Development and the Anthropocene  

The role of women in biodiversity conservation in Kyrgyzstan

This blog has been prepared by Aisuluu Kangeldieva, UNDP project specialist.  

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