Welcome address to participants, guests and spectators of the first World Nomad Games

Sep 8, 2014

Wrestling on horses. Photo: Photo.kg / UNDP

On behalf of the United Nations system in the Kyrgyz Republic allow me to greet all participants, guests and spectators of the first in history the World Nomad Games, which will take place in the coming days on the ancient land of Kyrgyzstan, in the heart of Central Asia.

We welcome this excellent initiative of President Almazbek Atambayev, which is directly related to the priorities of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development of the Kyrgyz Republic for the period until 2017.

World Nomad Games is a real contribution to international efforts to promote peace, good neighborliness and cooperation, which are directions the UN system in Kyrgyzstan supports. The Games are a contribution to a better understanding of traditions, history and modernity of ancient nomadic peoples.

This event which is rich and bright in terms of its idea, original content and spectacularity will take place amongst the celestial Ala-Too mountains, on the shores of an ancient and eternally young Issyk-Kul Lake.

Today Kyrgyzstan is establishing a new tradition that extends far beyond the region and has a great potential in terms of developing traditional sports and its most interesting component – ethno-sports.

World Nomad Games is an effort to preserve for our future generations priceless nuggets of ancient history that seamlessly flow into our modern life giving it special colors and expressiveness.

"Suu bashynan tunat" ("Water is purified from the headstream"). Let the positive energy of clean mountains, rivers and lakes of Kyrgyzstan be another incentive for conservation and enhancement of the natural resources and protection of the environment in all countries for sustainable human development.

"Den sooluk - chong baylyk" ("Health is a great wealth") – let the World Nomad Games be another important contribution to promotion of a healthy lifestyle free of drugs and diseases.

World Nomad Games is a great opportunity for all of us to learn about centuries-old traditions, enjoy participant’s passion for sport and welcome the winners.

Let the Games give new strength to athletes, whose skills will bring a well-deserved victory in a fair competition and their honor, dignity and mutual respect be an example for children and youth.

Let the historical path of nomadic peoples in modern history be free from conflicts and prosperous, while peace and prosperity will become a reality for all peoples!

Each meeting during the Games will lead to new, friendly connections between people, because, as the Kyrgyz wisdom says "Birdi bilgenche, ming menen taanysh bol" ("It’s better to be familiar with thousands than to know one”).

Happy and long trails to the World Nomad Games! Ak jol!

Alexander Avanessov
UN Resident Coordinator,
UNDP Resident Representative

in the Kyrgyz Republic

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