UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic supports the development of the first electronic database of debtors by the Judicial Department

Dec 1, 2015

The executors at the database presentation. Photo taken by Altynai Akmatova/UNDP

The parameters of the database of debtors was discussed in Bishkek, such database is for the first time created in the Judicial department of the Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic. UNDP in Kyrgyzstan supports the development of technical specifications of the proposed software.

The meeting was attended by the leadership of the Judicial Department and enforcement officers, who will become the final users of the data base.

Mr. Stalbek Kalmakov, permanent secretary of the Judicial Department, said that the software is designed to facilitate the work of enforcement officers, improve coordination between these officers and other state agencies such as border troops and financial institutions, as the cooperation with these institutions helps the execution of judicial decisions.

“The Kyrgyz Republic has never had such a data base of debtors”, said Mr. Taalaibek Umurkulov, head of Unit of control over the activity of enforcement officers and interaction with courts, who is directly guiding the work of software developers. The data base will allow making the work of the Judicial Department more effective with a stepwise implementation of electronic document exchange system. The data base will be built on the real rules of procedure used by the enforcement officers. It will include personal accounts for each officer with the possibility of entering necessary information, adding scanned documents, performing work electronically, receive instructions from leadership etc. In future there will be no need for the district enforcement officers to come on a quarterly basis to Bishkek for submission of their reports as they will have the opportunity to do it electronically with the use of the electronic digital signature.

Ms. Gulmira Mamatkerimova, advisor to the UNDP Democratic Governance Program, stressed that the data base is created within the framework of the Peacebuilding Fund project “Improvement of the rule of law and access to justice for the purpose of strengthening peace” initiated at the request of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic. She highlighted the importance of using innovative approaches in the work of enforcement officers, as they are directly ensuring the implementation of court decisions. Their efforts to implement the judicial decisions determine the effectiveness of the entire law enforcement chain, including the investigative officers, police, prosecutors and judges. Effectiveness of the legal system cannot be achieved without the enforcement of the judicial decisions. The discussion of the data base of debtors is one of the tools in solving this global task. The meeting will allow obtaining good ideas and proposals from the practitioners and creating a data base making the work of enforcement officers with debtors more successful and efficient.

The participants also discussed the issues of data integrity, safety and back up. The data base will involve anti – corruption control by registering all actions of the users. There will be a transparent tool to track the work for any given period of time, all actions of enforcement officers will be linked to time limits of review, account and corporate email of each data base user. The interface is bilingual.

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