The Government of the Russian Federation furthers the complex development of Naryn Region

Nov 16, 2015

Kyrgyzstan – the press tour for the journalists of the Russian and local mass media had been conducted under the Naryn Area-Based Development Programme on October 28-30, 2015. The media briefing of Mr. Alexander Avanessov, United Nations Resident Coordinator (RC)/Designated Official (DO), UNDP Resident Representative (RR) in the Kyrgyz Republic had been arranged on the first day, where the journalists were given the detailed information on implementation of the program and results of the last year grant projects implementation.

The journalists visited the objects in the sphere of irrigation, veterinary, hothouse facility, small business and elementary vocational education within the Press Tour in Naryn Region.

201 grant projects have been supported under the program in total that are oriented to rehabilitation of the rural infrastructure, repair and construction of the drinking water and irrigation supply systems, agriculture development and processing of the agricultural products, as well as for support of the small and medium business.

Subject to the results of the projects implementation, a number of the positive trends have been occurred in the regional development. 25 thousands of villagers have received the access to the drinking water. The irrigation of the 9 thousands hectares of the arable lands has been improved. Near 2 thousands of households, that are more than 9 thousand people have received the access to the restored rural infrastructure with regard to electric power supply, repair of rural roads and installation of street lighting. 65 small business enterprises for production, processing and services have been established, where 375 employees are employed.

A number of events have been implemented for improvement of productivity of the farm livestock capacity, reduction in the burden of disease and improvement of epizootic situation in villages of Naryn region. In particular, 13 veterinary services and artificial insemination centers have been established, 8 biothermal pits have been constructed, disinfectant baths have been constructed and shearing centers for small cattle have been established.

The crediting circulating funds were established on the basis of the acting microfinance institution, Aiyl Bank OJSC, with volume of 11.2 mln. KGS. 227 persons have received unsecured credits on favourable terms (12% per annum for the period of two years) for establishment and support of the own business.

The training programs of the pilot vocational lyceums have been implemented new specialties, complied with the requirements of the labor market, such as electric and gas welder, seamstress, cook-confectioner and car mechanic, within the frameworks of the support of secondary vocational education. The learning and teaching base of the vocational lyceums have been improved; the training equipment and methodical courseware have been purchased to the amount of 8.9 mln. KGS.

Naryn Area-Based Development Programme is implemented by UNDP in 30 villages of Ak-Talaa, At-Bashy and Jumgal districts. The programme is funded by the Government of the Russian Federation. The goal of the programme is to reduce poverty in Naryn oblast through the creation of conditions for sustainable socio-economic developmen.

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