The youth of Vasiliyevsky AO celebrates Peace Day

Nov 6, 2015

Youth of Vasilievka happy to receive their medals. Photo taken by Altynai Nanaeva/UNDP

Vinogradnoye village, Alamedin rayon, Chui oblast, Kyrgyzstan (September 21, 2015) -Vasilevsky aiyl okmotu organizes sport competitions (volleyball, tennis, chess) and celebratory concert in honor of the International Peace Day for the residents of 4 villages: Vasilevka, Vinogradnoye, Polevoye and Privolnoye.  
The event is held in order to develop cultural and spiritual values, as well as foster a culture of peace and civic identity among young people.
Vasilevsky aiyl aimak has been selected as a pilot to carry out analysis of youth problems for further inclusion into the youth action plan. According to the study, organization of leisure-time activities and educational courses are acute problems in Vasilevka. Based on the results of the initiative youth meetings, it was decided to hold sport competitions and celebratory concert, which will be the impetus for establishment of sports clubs and music clubs in Vasilevka village. Sport competitions and creative performances of youth are symbolic celebration of the International Day of Peace, which is celebrated on September 21 annually.
This event is organized by PF “InStream” and the UNDP program “peace and Development” within the frame of “Youth for peaceful changes” project implementation.
For information:
• Each year on September 21 the international community celebrates the International Day of Peace. The theme of the International Peace Day this year “Partnership for Peace - dignity for all” is intended to emphasize importance of working together for peace. Without support from the government, civil society, private sector, religious groups and non-governmental organizations the ideal of peace will remain difficult to achieve.

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