A unique project on multicultural exchange completed in Maevka AA

Nov 6, 2015

Day of Korean Culture in Maevka. Photo taken by Artur Bukalaev/UNDP

Maevka AA, Kyrgyzstan (September 13 – October 18) - A month of multicultural exchange completed held by the PA “United Maevka” in partnership with the Maevka AA. Within a month, residents and visitors of Maevka village had an opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions and customs of different ethnic groups: handmade items, national cuisine, creative performances. The most striking features of Russian, Turkish, Korean, Ukrainian and Kyrgyz culture were presented every Sunday.  
This unique project aims to become a platform for intercultural exchange between different nationalities and to create the conditions for conflict prevention by developing mutual understanding of cultures and traditions of different ethnic groups.
The month of multicultural exchange was held at the initiative of the PA “United Maevka” with grant support from the UNDP / UNICEF “Capacity building of local government in peacebuilding”.
“Such events have never been held in Maevka. All diasporas enthusiastically started implementation of this idea. Many ethnic groups live in Maevka, but it is interesting that not so much is known about Kyrgyz culture, and we are pleased that we can share the unique culture. I run the ensemble “Min Kiyal” which performs only old Kyrgyz songs that many have forgotten unfortunately. Music brings together, unites and makes us better”, - said Bekisheva Kerimbyubyu, Project Manager.  
Kerimbyubyu-eje admits that now she has no time for complaints. Previously, she often gathered the women near Maevka AO with complaints about administration. Today she is occupied by the idea of creating the conditions for mutual enrichment of different cultures.
For information:
There are more than 20 ethnic groups in Maevka aiyl aimak: Kyrgyz, Russian, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Kurds, Uighurs, Turks, Tatars, Ukrainians, Koreans, etc. At the moment, the population Maevka AA is more than 13 000 people. As a result of internal migration in Maevka about 5 residential areas based on ethnic group have been formed.  
The main objective of the UNDP / UNICEF project “Capacity building of local government in peace-building" is to facilitate effective interaction between local governments and other government agencies, civil society and local communities in matters of interethnic concord and conflict prevention.

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Ms. Altynai Nanaeva, Public Relations Specialist, UNDP program “Peace and Development”, tel: 0553 99 12 34, e-mail: altynai.nanaeva@undp.org

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