Promoting food products in the market of Siberia

Nov 2, 2015

Novosibirsk, Russia (28-30 October 2015) – The 24th InterFood Siberia-2015 exhibition of food, drinks, ingredients and equipment InterFood Siberia-2015 is held on October 28-30 at the Expocenter of Novosibirsk exhibition complex. Within the project of Aid for Trade, implemented by the UN Development Programme with financial support from the Government of Finland, technical support was provided for the participation of members of the Association of Food Industry of Kyrgyzstan in the international business event.
The exhibition was organized by ITE Siberia and the participating companies came from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Thailand and Turkey. Among the participating companies, representing the Association of food industry of Kyrgyzstan, were such companies as OSKO, Erfrut, Pamir, Soko, Fair Agroelita cooperation and Taste of the Sun trading house.
This exhibition is aimed at promoting the Kyrgyz Republic production to the Russian market, as well as bringing new trading partners. It should be noted that products from Kyrgyzstan inspired serious interest from businesses in the region, among them is natural concentrate juices, dried fruits and vegetables, canned vegetables, ketchup, tomato paste, jams, preserves, salads and others.
Traditional products from Kyrgyzstan are familiar to Siberian consumers and, according to preliminary information, a contract for the supply of juice from Kyrgyzstan to Novosibirsk will be signed as part of the exhibition. There are agreements of intent to sign contracts after further negotiations on the conditions of supply of the dried fruits and berries, ketchup, canned vegetables.
In the words of the representatives of the association, there is a certain weakening of business activity due to the current financial crisis; however, there are opportunities for cooperation in the field of export products to the Russian market.
The third phase (years from 2014 to 2017) of the regional project Aid for trade in Central Asia in the Kyrgyz Republic is aimed at harmonization of the legislation, support and development of an enabling environment to trade, capacity building of national partners in the area of trade promotion. In addition, the sector of agriculture and processing of agricultural products (selected value chains) are to increase their productivity and exports with the support of the project. This project involves technical assistance to partners in the development of instruments of national and regional importance. In order to improve the welfare of the population through trade, a number of projects, including the creation of export alliances, for the development of value chains will be implemented in pilot villages. In addition, the experts of the project contribute to capacity building in the field of trade promotion and sustainable development of the key stakeholders at national and local levels.
The project, which is part of the regional program, will contribute to the development of bilateral trade between Kyrgyzstan and neighboring countries in the Ferghana Valley, as well as cooperation in the field of trade policy research and promote links between the institutions on trade facilitation in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Additional information:
The first and second phase of the project (years from 2009 to 2014) were aimed at the joint development of a needs assessment in the trade for Kyrgyzstan, with representatives from government, private sector and civil society. Also, small producers in one region of the country (Batken region) were assisted in order to eliminate barriers to trade opportunities, in particular by providing access to market information, finance, information about standards, etc., as well as to increase the quality and volume their products.

Contact information

Urmat Takirov, Aid for Trade Project Coordinator, tel .: + 996-312-694384 (dob.180).

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