New York hosts UNDP’s in Kyrgyzstan national partner to share some practices on women’s participation in elections

Oct 16, 2015

On October 16, 2015 the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in collaboration with the Permanent Mission of Ireland to the United Nations, is organizing a discussion on women’s participation and leadership in building inclusive and peaceful societies with a focus on good practices from the field devoted to 15-Year Anniversary of UN Security Council resolution 1325.

UNDP in Kyrgyzstan with its implementation of the project “Women as Peaceful Voters & Women as Candidates” funded by PBF has encouraged women and youth to become agents of change in peacebuilding processes, in particular within the 2015 parliamentary and 2016 municipal elections. The project employs different advocacy and campaign strategies to reach to every single member of the community, especially women from minorities, young married women and representatives of different religious groups to understand and exercise their electoral rights.

In view of the successful implementation of the first stage of the project, Ms. Olga Djanaeva, is representing UNDP in Kyrgyzstan’s partner Rural Women’s Association “Alga” at this platform. “Alga” is a network of civil society organizations that has an extensive and long-standing experience in working with women and youth especially in the rural areas of the country. Together with several other partners, “Alga” was able to introduce some innovative approaches designed by the project.

Highlighted methods, such as reaching people through informal gatherings, especially women who are not active in social life, through networking channels, such as morning talks with young married women near kindergartens, meetings with women during traditional “tea gatherings” and door-to-door discussions, approaching youth through the trained peers will be shared by Olga during the discussion.

Ms. Djanaeva will also present a media element that works very well to attract attention of each individual - UNDP in Kyrgyzstan’s project “Women as Peaceful Voters & Women as Candidates” is supporting the screening of a soap opera that describes a story related to positive female images of women- candidates. Radio and different other channels, like talk shows, online “quest” games about importance of women’s participation at policymaking levels are being released.

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Elmira Shishkaraeva, Country Programme Gender Coordinator, UNDP in Kyrgyzstan, Tel: +996-312-694373

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