UNDP and UNECE support transboundary water cooperation in Chu and Talas basins

Sep 28, 2015

The Orto-Tokoi dam on Chu River is used to provide irrigation water to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Back-to-back events devoted to the 15th Anniversary of the Agreement between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan on cooperation in Chu and Talas River Basins took place on 16-18 September 2015 in Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan with funding and technical support of GEF-UNDP-UNECE project “Enabling transboundary cooperation and integrated water resources management in Chu and Talas River Basins”. 

More than 90 participants, including officials, practitioners and experts  from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, representatives of diplomatic missions, international and regional organizations, development agencies - UNECE, UNDP, OSCE, Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), GIZ, FinWaterWEI II Programme in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, International Fund for Saving  Aral Sea (IFAS), Interstate Commission on Water Coordination (ICWC), Central Asian Regional Environmental Centre (CAREC) took part in the events.

“We are grateful to the  donor community  and our partners, which have supported us during  these  15 years  in establishing, developing and maintenance of the Chu-Talas Commission’s work on implementation of the agreement”,  said Janybek Kerimaliev, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Melioration of the Kyrgyz Republic opening the work of the conference.  

“The work of the Chu-Talas Commission received a well-deserved appreciation  at the global level, which, I hope will further contribute to strengthening of our friendly relations and to a peaceful and sustainable development not only of our countries but the whole Central Asian region”, he said. 

The event started with a  field trip  to Orto-Tokoi Water Reservoir, where participants saw firsthand the main water collecting facility in Chu River Basin and the results of  joint efforts of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan  to maintain  and operate the facility. 

During the  67-th session  of the Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia (ICWC), countries have discussed the issues on water withdrawal limits and operation modes of   transboundary water reservoirs during the vegetation period of 2015, as well as the informational support  of integrated water management, protection of water resources and organization of the exchange of information at the interstate level. 

The next event, the 20th Chu-Talas Water Commission’s session have heard the reports on the activity of the Secretariat about the  allocated funds and completed maintenance works at  the interstate facilities of  Chu and Talas rivers. 

E.N. Nysanbaev, Co-chairman of the Chu-Talas Commission, Vice-minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan welcomed the participants of the session  and highlighted   the timeliness of the new GEF-UNDP-UNECE project in further promoting of the water cooperation in terms of monitoring of water quality and taking the  joint activities on its improvement based  on the experiences of other basins and countries in this area.   

The jubilee conference  wrapped up with the  session of the GEF -UNDP-UNECE “Enabling Transboundary Cooperation and Integrated Water Resources Management Chu and Talas River Basins”, which started in May 2015. The project  is aimed to enhance cooperation in Chu and Talas river basins and facilitation of integrated water resources management. It will be achieved  through establishing  knowledge platforms on water capacity of basins  and building a dialogue on the quality and quantity of water resources among concerned parties.

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