Kyrgyz Republic is developing a special action plan to implement the package of progressive laws

Sep 14, 2015

The first meeting of the Coordination Council and of the working groups on the development of implementation plans for a package of draft laws within the ongoing judiciary reform took place in Issyk-Kul, from July 1-4, with technical assistance of the UNDP Rule of Law project, supported by the British Embassy in Bishkek. The package of draft laws include the new editions of the Criminal, Criminal procedure, Criminal executive, Civil procedural code, Code on administrative offences, laws on “Enforcement procedures and status of court bailiffs,” “Guaranteed state legal aid,” as well as laws on improving accountability of the judges,” all of which have passed the first reading in the Parliament.

The Coordination council was launched on June 29, 2015 by a special decree of the Government and is chaired by Kyrgyzstan’s Vice Prime Minister Abdrakhman Mamataliev. “For the first time in history, our country is embarking on a journey of developing a special action plan to implement the package of laws. This will contribute to building a system that would really ensure the uniformity of judicial practice, which is after all essential in delivering the justice-,” noted Mamataliev.

Furthermore, the participants of the meeting ranging from Members of the Parliament to legal experts, which have drafted the legislation, have learned the methodology on drafting an action plan to implement the laws. An international legal consultant from Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the Head of Minister of Justice Cabinet Daniela Vidaicu have delivered thorough presentations on the judiciary reform processes in their countries, putting a special emphasis on strategic planning. “Both of these countries have underwent relatively successful judiciary reform processes, largely due to the availability of a large scale reform strategy and most importantly due to the timely development of implementation plans, assigning clear roles to all the stakeholders involved. Kyrgyzstan now faces the chance of following the path -,” stated Lucio Valerio Sarandrea, UNDP’s Chief Technical Adviser on Rule of Law.

The meeting was further accompanied by intense works in groups, resulting in the development of preliminary action plans to implement the new initiatives within the judiciary reform. “The objectives of the meeting were fully met. The participants have understood the tremendous importance of thorough planning and UNDP, in cooperation with other international partners will provide their further technical assistance,-” stated Ainura Bekkoenova, DGP Dimension Chief.

Series of meetings of the working groups on the finalization of the action plans are scheduled to take place in the near future.

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Aigul Baiburaeva, Rule of Law Programme Adviser, email:, tel: 996-312-694373

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