Projects for development of municipalities located near uranium tailings storage facilities selected

Aug 27, 2015

Naryn, Kyrgyzstan, 27 August 2015 – In 2015-2016  a number of grant projects will be implemented in the town of Orlovka and villages of Min-Kush, Kaji-Say and Ak-Tuz under the UNDP project, funded by the Russian Federation. The projects will be aimed at improving the living conditions and welfare of the communities located near the radioactive tailings storage facilities.

According to the results of the recent session held in the city of Naryn by the Commission on the evaluation of grant projects, comprised of the management of regional state administrations of Jumgal, Kemin and Ton districts and representatives of the UNDP, 21 projects were supported in the total amount of KGS 25,626,000. The selected projects proposed by local communities are primarily aimed at creating new jobs and improving the socio-economic infrastructure. Basically, the projects are targeted at renovation of municipal institutions of education and health, rehabilitation of water supply systems, as well as the creation of rural income-generating enterprises, such as a vehicle maintenance station, a bakery, sewing and furniture workshops. In order to stimulate local development, it is planned to implement projects on the cultivation, storage and processing of locally grown fruit and berries.

Each pilot municipality will be implementing capital-intensive projects with a total value of 17,311,000 KGS. In order to provide residents of Min-Kush with uninterrupted power supply, the works are scheduled to replace power lines. Reconstruction of the head water intake facilities at Kaji-Sai will enable villagers to have uninterrupted access to clean drinking water. More than 800 residents of the village of Ak-Tuz and more than 6,000 residents of the city of Orlovka will also obtain uninterrupted access to clean drinking water after the scheduled repair of water supply systems. Acquisition of a combined machine will enable the Orlovsky municipality to provide clean and sanitary conditions of the city streets at the appropriate level.

The UNDP Project for socio-economic development of municipalities located near uranium tailings storage facilities in the Kyrgyz Republic funded by the Government of the Russian Federation is under implementation in the city of Orlovka and in the villages of Min-Kush, Ak-Tuz and Kaji-Sai. The project is aimed at creating conditions for sustainable development of target communities through the rehabilitation of social and economic infrastructure and stimulating income-generating activities. The project budget amounts to 1,476,000 US dollars.

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