Electronic pasture management in the pilot rural areas of Batken and Osh oblasts

Aug 14, 2015

Osh, Batken, Kyrgyzstan ( August 13, 2015) — Raising public awareness on prevention of pastures degradation and their effective use are the main issues to be discussed at public discussions, held on 11 and 13 August in Batken and Osh oblasts, Kyrgyzstan. The UNDP-UNEP Poverty–Environment Initiative jointly with UNDP Areas Based Development Offices in Batken and Osh oblasts are organized the public discussions  at the request of the Department of Pastures of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation of the Kyrgyz Republic. The event presented an opportunity to review the application of the information system 'Electronic Zhayyt Committee' as a best practice for sustainable management of pastures.  

"This initiative on introduction of an electronic system aimed at three results: the preservation of the environment and pastures, development of livestock, improvement of living standards of the local population and increase the capacity of pastures committees. Our task is to use this system properly and effectively and replicate this practice”, - noted in his opening remarks Abdymalik Egemberdiev, Director of Pastures Deprtment under the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Replication of the best practice of the “Demonstrating Sustainable Mountain Pasture Management in the Suusamyr Valley, Kyrgyzstan” project implemented by UNDP and funded by Global Environment Facility (GEF) in other regions of the country has become one of the primary objectives of the UNDP-UNEP Poverty–Environment Initiative. Such demonstrations including inventory, geo-botanical survey, economic assessment and development of Livestock Grazing Plans have been undertaken in five pilot Aiyl Okmotu (rural areas) of Naryn and two in Kara-Kulzha and Dara in Batken and Osh oblasts. The activities on. They allowed pasture managers to define the boundaries and dimensions of the pilot areas to determine the composition of plant communities, types and seasons of pastures, their productivity, yield, gross forage supply, and presence of ungrazed plants, ruderal and toxic vegetation.

The recording of the existing livestock capita, its grazing sites, routes of livestock migration and terms of use were also considered. An economic assessment of livestock production was taken into account, as well as the final cost and opportunities to generate incomes by villagers from the used area.

Replicating these activities, the computer-based information system “Electronic Jaiyt Committee” will be applied in the Kara-Kulzha and Dara rural areas. This system allows pastoralists to manage their pastures effectively. It will improve the monitoring of status of pastures and their   degradation in the region.

"The electronic system is being introduced in our rural area. I think it will be a mirror of our pastures, everything is simple, open and accessible. Same time, it help to make easy collection of pastures rent payments. This is important”, - said Kokoyev Musa, head of the District Office of Agricultural Development of Kara-Gulja district.
To promote best practice, the initiative of local pastures users’ community will also be considered. The idea to use solar ovens for cooking and bicycles generators was supported by UNDP-UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative jointly with UNDP Areas Based Development Offices in Batken and Osh oblasts. These innovative energy-efficient technologies will reduce the loss of forests in the highlands and soil erosion and lessen the risk of future natural disasters.

Additional information:
The UNEP-UNDP Poverty–Environment Initiative is implemented through the support of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and provides financial and technical support in mainstreaming environmental priorities and poverty reduction issues into national, sectoral and local development strategies and plans.  The main partners of the Initiative in Kyrgyzstan are the Ministry of Economy, the State Agency on Environment Protection and Forestry, the State Agency on Local Governance and Interethnic Affairs and the National Statistics Committee.

More information about Poverty-Environment Initiative is available at http://www.unpei.org

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