Know-how: electronic pasture management in Naryn oblast

Jun 25, 2015

Naryn, Kyrgyzstan - Coordination Council for Sustainable Pasture Management established under the Department of pastures of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation of the Kyrgyz Republic met in Naryn today to discuss adoption of the best practices in pasture management by pastures committees of the country and the use of Electronic Jayit Committee information management system. The council also discussed opportunities to finance replication of this system from the budget of the Department of pastures and fundraising from other sources.

"Sustainable pasture management issue in Kyrgyzstan is of high economic, political and social importance, for example, after joining the Customs Union it is expected that Kyrgyzstan could become a supplier of meat, and then the Government has to create the appropriate conditions: construct labs, provide certificates and ensure timely vaccination. Therefore we have to be ready and proper use of pastures is one of the objectives as the quality of meat depends on this", - noted in his speech the Parliament member Isakov Esengul.

Replication of the best practice of the “Demonstrating Sustainable Mountain Pasture Management in the Suusamyr Valley, Kyrgyzstan” project implemented by UNDP and funded by GEF in other regions of the country has become one of the directions of the UNDP-UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative. The initiative helped to do inventory, geo-botanical surveys, economic assessment and develop Livestock Grazing Plans in five pilot municipalities which allowed to define boundaries of pilot areas, to determine the composition of plant communities, types and seasons of pastures, its productivity, yield, gross forage supply, presence of ungrazed plants, ruderal and toxical vegetation.

The recording of the existing livestock capita, its grazing sites, routes of livestock migration and terms of use were considered. Under economic assessment the livestock production was taken into account, its final cost and opportunities to generate incomes by villagers from the used area. As a result of the work it was found that the explored area under the proper management can generate incomes equal to 13 million US Dollars.

Taking into account these activities, Electronic Jaiyt Committee was installed and introduced in five pilot municipalities of At-Bashy and Naryn districts of Naryn oblast. This system helps to manage pastures effectively by allowing constant monitoring, including the degradation process of pastures.

“The UNDP-UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative helped to do an inventory of our pastures, their economic evaluation and a system of electronic management of pastures was installed", - said the resident of Ortok rural area, Omurzakov Erkinbek.

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The UNEP-UNDP Poverty and Environment Initiative is implemented by support of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and provides financial and technical support in mainstreaming environmental priorities and poverty reduction issues into national, sectoral and local development strategies and plans,  The main partners of the Initiative in Kyrgyzstan are Ministry of Economy, State Agency on Environment Protection and Forestry, State Agency on Local Governance and Interethnic Affairs and National Statistics Committee .

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