UNDP presented a new methodology that allows making financial assessment of laws

May 28, 2015

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan - On May 28 UNDP in Kyrgyzstan made a public presentation of the methodology on the financial assessment of the laws. This methodology was developed by UNDP experts as part of a project on promoting rule of law, supported by the British Embassy Bishkek. Experts received lots of feedback on the draft methodology from participants of the meeting, which will be used to finalize the draft.

“Kyrgyzstan has a well-developed legal basis, but due to the lack of financial planning laws tend to remain on paper. This methodology is a tangible way for the UK and the UNDP to support the entrenchment of the Rule of Law,” said the Regional Conflict Adviser at the British Embassy in Bishkek Roy Wilson.

The public presentation took place with an active participation of key stakeholders, ranging from MPs, representatives from the President’s and the Government’s Office, Ministry of Finance, international organizations and civil society institutions involved in public reform and oversight, all noting tremendous importance of the methodology in developing new legislative acts.

Ainura Altybaeva, Chairwoman of the Parliamentary Committee on Rules and Ethics has expressed her gratitude to the UNDP and the British Embassy for their assistance in strengthening the rule of law in Kyrgyzstan. “Kyrgyzstan adopts numerous progressive laws, which unfortunately do not get implemented due to the lack of financial resources needed. Usage of this methodology and approach will be one of the effective ways in really planning and implementing the laws” noted MP Altybaeva.

According to the leader of the task force that worked on the methodology Aijan Satybekova, this methodology was already used to assess the package of laws within the ongoing judicial reform, but the methodology is universal and can be used in assessing any laws.

Lucio Valerio Sarandrea, Chief Technical Adviser on Rule of Law commented that such methodology “will be a great contribution to enhancing the rule of law in Kyrgyzstan and UNDP with the support of the British Embassy is ready to provide necessary series of trainings to the national stakeholders on proper application of the methodology.”

Civil society representatives made their suggestions, calling for the need to organize similar presentations in the regions and to ease the complicity of the methodology to make it more understandable and appealing to the public.

After finalization of the methodology, it will be duly presented to the Parliament for further deliberation.

Contact Information:

Aigul Baiburaeva, Rule of Law Adviser, email: aigul.baiburaeva@undp.org, Tel: 996-312-694373, +996-770-536545 (mob.)

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