UNDP and UK join forces to assist Kyrgyzstan improve rule of law

Apr 21, 2015

Deputy Resident Representative in Kyrgyzstan Pradeep Sharma and HM Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Judith Farnworth. Credit: Kairatbek Murzakimov / UNDP.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 21 April 2015 – On April 20, 2015 Deputy Resident Representative in Kyrgyzstan Pradeep Sharma and HM Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Judith Farnworth signed an agreement to finance UNDP’s project on supporting implementation of rule of law in the Kyrgyz Republic. The project is expected to help state authorities effectively implement rule of law principles through better strategic planning, including financial planning, improved coordination of actors and engagement of the civil society. The Government of the United Kingdom has allocated 750,000 USD to support the project.

“We launched this project to support effective implementation of the rule of law reforms in the Kyrgyz Republic. As part of the project, UNDP will help to enhance coordination among national authorities, improve the financial planning methodology as well as empower the civil society to take more active part in the process for the benefit of all citizens” said Pradeep Sharma at the signing ceremony.

The Project aims to improve planning and  implementation of the judicial reforms in the country. One of the key elements of the project is developing a mechanism for coordination among all national stakeholders in the rule of law reform process. As generally recognized, coordination in the area of rule of law is particularly challenging as it involves a high number of institutions which are not linked through a hierarchical structure due to necessary independence of the Judiciary.

Another important aspect of the project is improving financial planning of legal reforms. Lack of specific information about the costs of envisaged legislation hampers the ability of the state authorities to plan and development partners to adequately support the state efforts to strengthen rule of law.

Rule of law reforms require active participation of the civil society as experts and watchdogs not only in the process of drafting legislation but also in implementation of the laws. The project will address the issue by providing a forum for more active engagement of civil society.

This project will be an integral part of the UNDP consolidated programme for upholding the Rule of Law[designed to build the capacity of justice actors to better implement laws, conduct oversight of government and, combat corruption, and provide services for all citizens including the  most vulnerable groups

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