Investment council in Naryn reviewed interim results of 76 development projects

Feb 23, 2015

A village girl in Naryn oblast getting potable water in winter. Credit: UNDP in Kyrgyzstan

Naryn, Kyrgyzstan – Naryn Regional Investment Council reviewed interim results of projects supported by UNDP Naryn area-based development programme along with issues related to improving investment climate and ensuring favorable business environment. The meeting was chaired by the Plenipotentiary representative of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in Naryn oblast Amanbay Kaiypov.

"In 2014 the programme funded 76 projects aimed at developing agriculture, rehabilitation of infrastructure facilities, improvement of irrigation system, power supply, clean drinking water, promoting development of livestock and entrepreneurship. The total sum of the projects amounts to more than 33 mln Kyrgyz soms", noted Amanbay Kaiypov and emphasized the importance of further collaboration with UNDP.

Currently, the programme which is financed by the Government of the Russian Federation helped to renovate 17.5 km of irrigation system, improve irrigation of 3 121 hectares of arable land. The project also assisted in installment of 10 transformer substations and constructing 8 km long power transmission lines which benefited 640 families. Moreover, low-income households received 720 heads of sheep and 31.5 tons of potato as grants to help increase their incomes and improve their livelihoods.  

UNDP granted more than 10 million Kyrgyz soms to small business projects including sewing workshops, repair shops, greenhouses, poultry farms, shearing points, fisheries, and construction, which helped to employ 164 people, including 51 women. This had a positive effect on the regional unemployment rate which, at present, equals to 10.8%. Four pilot vocational education institutions have now new courses on sewing and cooking, which are among the most demanded professions in the regional labor market. UNDP helped to equip these schools and provided books so that they can prepare the best cooking and sewing professionals.

"The second phase of the programme started in 2015. We are accepting new project proposals. Like in previous year, local communities propose their projects which have to be reviewed by special committees at a village, district and oblast levels. The committees consist of local residents, representatives of civil society organizations and local authorities", noted Bakyt Sheripbaev, manager of the programme, during the presentation at the meeting of the Investment council.

Naryn Area-Based Development Programme is implemented by UNDP in 30 villages of Ak-Talaa, At-Bashy and Jumgal districts. The programme is funded by the Government of the Russian Federation. The goal of the programme is to reduce poverty in Naryn oblast through the creation of conditions for balanced and sustainable socio-economic development.

The main components of the programme are:

  • Development of agribusiness;
  • Improving vocational education;
  • Support for local initiatives through small grants fund.
Contact information:

Dyikanbaev Mirlan, media expert, UNDP Naryn Area-Based Development Programme, +996779 66 55 99,

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