The Kyrgyz judicial systems develops its first programme-based budget with UNDP’s support

Oct 24, 2014

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan –Representatives of the Kyrgyz judicial system took part in a series of workshops on development of the system’s programme budget. The training which took place during October 17-23, 2014 was organized with active participation of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, the Council of Judges and the Judicial Department. As part of the workshops the working group of the Council of Judges and local budget experts elaborated the first programme budget of the judicial system authorities. Currently, the draft budget is being reviewed by the Parliament committees and fractions, which have weekly sessions to consider the draft bill on the state budget for 2015.

Programme-based budgeting helps to identify priorities for a sector and focus on them in conditions of limited funding. Every citizen, familiar with the budget of the judicial system, now can obtain information not only about financial expenses, but also about final outcomes of its activity, for instance, quantity of courts, corresponding to standards and hygiene norms, share of executed judicial acts etc.

According to the chairman of Budget Commission of the Council of Judges Guljan Esenalieva, the first programme budget was formed as part of the government programme on development of the Kyrgyz Republic judicial system for 2014-2017. Usually the judicial system receives targets and limits for amounts. Despite the fact that the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic states that the judicial system is independent in forming its budget, it was not always possible for the judicial system to receive all the requested amount. For example, the 2008 budget was only 0.9% of all the state expenditures and every year the amount decreased reaching 0.35% in 2013.

“This is almost three times less than the previous amounts and explained by lack of funds in the budget – says Guljan Esenalieva - In 2015 the Ministry of Finance satisfied our needs for 99.9% and this is a great achievement. Starting from this year the budget of the judicial system will be developed in programme format. So now we must be ready and train our personnel. This training is a good opportunity”.

As part of the workshop, which was organized with support of the EU-UNDP project on assistance to the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, judicial authorities received basic package of information required for development of programme budget. More than 80 representatives of the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Chamber, the Judicial Department, and the Training Center of Judges attended the workshops.

According to the UNDP adviser Gulmira Mamatkerimova introduction of programme budgets is one of the most important tasks in the budgeting area.

“Kyrgyzstan and its state institutions face constant shortage of funds for implementation of their strategic plans. Transition to programme budgets as an opportunity for low-cost solutions to financial problems is an objective necessity for Kyrgyzstan” she stressed.

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