Outcomes of a three-year EU-UN project on promoting good governance for social justice discussed in Bishkek

Oct 6, 2014

A resident of Yrys village district is at the new public service center established with the project support

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – A two-day conference “Good Governance – Basis for Equal Access of Citizens to Public and Municipal Services” took place in Bishkek. The conference served as a platform for dialogue among representatives of government bodies, local self-governance bodies and civil society to discuss the experience and prospects in improving public and municipal services through promoting good governance in the country.

The conference was one of the closing events as part of the EU-UN “Operationalizing Good Governance for Social Justice” project and brought together representatives of various stakeholder groups: EU Delegation to Kyrgyzstan, UN agencies, local self-governances and civil society to discuss the project outcomes and their possible implications.

The project, co-funded and supported by the European Union and four UN agencies – UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF and UN Women, assisted the Government of Kyrgyzstan to demonstrate good governance mechanisms at the grassroots level. It was aimed at rendering more equitable access to public and municipal services for three target groups – women, children and youth in 30 selected rural municipalities  of Kyrgyzstan.

The conference participants underlined good results of the project that reinforced the role of local self-governments and local communities in improving delivery of public services.

“The participatory practices and approaches used in the project have cultivated the skills and attitudes of citizens that the democratic governance requires. It is the longest-term impact that the project is leaving, which will hopefully be amplified by our national partners throughout the country” said Johannes Stenbaek Madsen, Head of Operations Section of the EU Delegation to the Kyrgyz Republic said.

The project was implemented during three years starting from October 2011. European Union contributed 3 mln Euros and UN agencies contributed 2.3 mln. Euros to the project to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrated and practiced improvements in good governance, at national and municipal levels for the three target groups to ensure access to quality and appropriate service delivery.
  • Strengthened capacities of government agencies and thematic civil society networks to effectively support good governance and dialogue initiatives.
  • Increased awareness of the requirements and results of democratic governance and social pressure for good governance.

During the conference there was also a fair of social projects demonstrating the best practices of good governance and presentation of awards to the winners of the best municipal practices held among 30 pilot municipalities.

Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP in Kyrgyzstan Pradeep Sharma highlighted the importance of an open exchange of opinions on further steps in improving service delivery. “Every citizen of Kyrgyzstan, regardless of where he or she lives – in rural or urban area, regardless of age, sex and nationality must enjoy equal access to quality public and municipal services provided by transparent, accountable and effective governance” he said.

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