Experts from Armenia visited Kyrgyzstan to study the country's pasture management experience

Oct 1, 2014

Suusamyr valley, Kyrgyzstan. Credit: Vlad Ushakov / UNDP.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – Representatives of a project on sustainable management of pastures and forests in Armenia visited Kyrgyzstan to study UNDP’s experience in sustainable pasture management and management of climate risks on the example of Suusamyr Valley. During the visit, the delegates met with government agencies, visited Suusamyr Valley and reviewed the results of the project.

One of the important outcomes of this project was development and adoption of an electronic pasture management software "Electronic Jayit Comitet". The system helps to keep track of pasture areas, number of users and pasture cattle, livestock vaccination, fees for cattle head and issued pasture tickets. In addition, the system can help monitor degradation of pastures and undertake measures in time as well as implement measures to adapt to climate change. After successful testing of the system in Suusamyr Valley, it was implemented in Naryn, Batken and Osh provinces as part of the UNDP and UNEP Poverty and the Environment Initiative.

Guests from Armenia also met with representatives of the Parliament and the Government, involved in solving problems of pasture management, forests and climate change. They visited Suusamyr village district to review successful results of a number of UNDP projects in Kyrgyzstan such as: "Demonstrating Sustainable Mountain Pasture Management in Susamyr Valley", "Climate Risk Management" and the UNDP-UNEP "Poverty and the Environment” project.

"I firmly believe that benefit of any project for the population must be at least 70%, and by visiting objects in Suusamyr I realized that people of this area have received this benefit. There is an established process that is continuing without UNDP’s intervention. That is, people continue to do what we have initiated,"- said Aram Ter-Zakaryan, Technical Task Leader of the project on sustainable management of pastures and forests in Armenia.

The project "Clima East: Sustainable management of pastures and forests in Armenia for demonstrating the advantages and benefits for the local communities, actions on climate change mitigation and adaptation to the climate change consequences" is intended to demonstrate a sustainable model of natural resource management of degraded mountain pastures and forests in Armenia in terms of climate change, at the same time maintaining the biodiversity and economic values. The project is funded by the European Union and co-funded by UNDP and is part of an initiative of the European Union "Clima East: Support of actions aimed at mitigating the impact of climate change and adaptation to climate change in the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia."

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