Aid For Trade project continues in Kyrgyzstan

Sep 19, 2014

Продукция под брендом "Дары Баткена", созданного при поддержке проекта.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan  – On September 18, 2014, UNDP organized an inception meeting to lauch the third phase of the regional project “Aid For Trade” is financed by the Government of Finland. The project is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic, State Enterprise Center Single Window on Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economy, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Skryabin Kyrgyz Agrarian University.

The third phase of the project will be implemented during 2014–2017 focuses on the harmonization of national legislation, economic analysis of the current trade policy, comparative analysis of codification products for export, support efforts to create enabling environment for trade and building capacity of national partners to promote trade.

During the meeting UNDP presented results of the previous two phases of the project which covered Batken oblast during 2009-2014. As part of the project, UNDP experts worked with the Government, private sector and civil society to assess needs of Kyrgyzstan to improve trade. They also assisted small producers in Batken oblast to eliminate some trade barriers by providing access to market information, financial opportunities, information on standards, etc.

“We understand the importance of raising the export potential in the country and what impetus it can give to further economic growth. The OECD/WTO analysis found, for example, that one USD input in trade is associated with an increase in developing countries’ exports by eight USD, and that number is reaching up to 20 USD for some of the poorest countries”- said Deputy Minister of Economy of Kyrgyzstan Kasymaliev in his opening speech at the event.

Participants of the discussion highlighted that the project is interesting as it combines support on macro- meso- and micro levels.

The project is part of the regional programme aimed at promoting trade between Kyrgyzstan and neighboring countries in the Ferghana Valley, as well as cooperation in the field of trade policy research and to stimulate networking between the institutions on trade facilitation in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Moreover, as part of the project UNDP will help improve capacity exporters and help agricultural producers increase productivity and export volumes via innovative approaches. The project will also focus on technical assistance in development of national and local-level strategic documents. In order to improve the welfare of the country through trade, UNDP will implement a number of projects related to value chains.

According to the head of the Chamber of Commerce agricultural committee Bakytbek Shamkeev, Kyrgyzstan is in a unique situation where it has new markets opening up and it is important to take advantage of this situation. “Chamber of Commerce needs a good partnership and support in the regions. In the new phase of the project we need to take into account the advantage of local production, its quality - a key to promoting regional brands. Everyone knows how delicious are our meat, apricots and honey” he added.

Contact Information

Zarema Kasendeeva, coordinator of the "Aid For Trade" Project, tel .: + 996-312-694380 (add.180).

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