Government agencies are working on developing administrative regulations of public services

Aug 20, 2014

The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic is conducting series of one-day workshops on developing public services’ administrative regulations. They are aimed at providing public authorities methodological support and organized as part of UNDP and Open Society Foundation’s joint project on strengthening capacity of government institutions.

Administrative regulations help to optimize managerial, administrative and other activities of those who deliver public services, as well as to increase personal responsibility of officials and employees.

During these workshops, participants examine organizational, legal and methodological basis for administrative regulations of public services and study requirements for administrative regulations as part of interdepartmental cooperation in delivering public services.

Since 2011 the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic has been working on optimizing public services and one of the main results of this work was the adoption of the Unified Register of public services. Developing and approving standards of public services is important for evaluating the quality of public services. The next step of reform is the development and implementation of administrative regulations.

In general, the development of administrative regulations will systematize the powers of public authorities, to fill gaps in the normative laws of the Kyrgyz Republic, streamline administrative procedures, and in some cases, eliminate redundant steps in the process of delivering services.

Contact information

Capacity Development Facility project of UNDP and “Open Society” Foundations. Project coordinator Ainura Kaparova tel: +996-312-694370 ext. 142 (w.) +996-770-338500 (mob.)

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