UNDP facilitates discussion of a new bill aimed at improving civil service

Jun 16, 2014

Chok-Tal village, Kyrgyzstan – Introduction of career planning, improving the status of civil and municipal services, strengthening regulations on evaluating employees and many other innovations were proposed in the new bill on state and municipal service. The draft law was discussed at a special conference held in Issyk-Kul during June 11-14.

This bill was developed by the State Personnel Service with support from independent experts and international organizations. Implementation of the proposed legislation will help improve the quality of the civil service, strengthen capacity of government bodies and local self-governments.

According to the head of the State Personnel Service Aaly Karashev, they revealed a number of shortcomings and contradictions after monitoring implementation of the current laws on state and municipal service. This bill is designed to address these shortcomings.

"Government developed a strategy on developing government bodies as part of the modernization of the state and municipal services. This bill seeks to improve the capacity of civil servants, the quality of public services and ways to bring highly qualified personnel for positions through competition" said Aaly Karashev.

Main innovations of the draft law are:

  • unity of the state service, as well as introduction of a new concept – the civil service;
  • enhanced status of civil and municipal servants;
  • criteria for political and administrative positions – on the basis of availability of power to the political-determining decisions;
  • municipal service organically built into the system of professional service through: equating to state service, common approaches to career growth, a unified system of remuneration and evaluation of employees, the possibility of rotation, inclusion in reserves frames, unified system of training of personnel;
  • one of the priorities of the Secretary of State becomes formation and implementation of the strategy of the government body;
  • improved relations between training, evaluation, practical results of employees and their career development, financial and non-financial motivation;
  • introduction of the concept of career planning;
  • learning is a prerequisite for career advancement;
  • fixed standards of evaluation activities, material and non-material motivation of employees;

After being introduced for public discussion in April 2014, the bill was discussed in a series of events. This conference is the last event, after which the draft law in the established order will be sent to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The conference was initiated by the State Personnel Service of the Kyrgyz Republic and supported by UNDP. Members of Parliament, representatives of the President’s, Parliament’s and the Government offices, Bishkek and Osh mayors’ offices, ministry state secretaries, local authorities, NGOs and representatives of the expert community participated in the discussion.

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