Kara-Suu Viillage Kids Will Attend a New Kindergarten, A Result of Active Citizen Engagement

03 Dec 2013

Kara-Suu, Kyrgyzstan (3 December 2013) – Today a new kindergarten opened in Kara-Suu village of Chui oblast. The kindergarten is fully equipped with new furniture, cooking utensils, study rooms and washing machines. Starting from 2014 it can accept 24 children from low income families of the village. In addition, the kindergarten employs 4 people were full-time as teachers and caregivers.

“Our kindergarten stopped working in1995. For many years we could not solve this problem due to a lack of finances in the rural district”, Sultanaly Chakchagaev  says.

Kara-Suu is a small village with population about 700 people. It is located 30 kilometers away from the district center Kara-Balta and 120 km. from Bishkek. Like many other villages in  the country, people here face significant  challenges due to a lack of pre-school and  socio-cultural facilities as clubs, libraries and roads. 

“The project helped residents and administration of  a small and remote  village to believe in themselves and mobilize their internal resources. Thanks to the activity of the Territorial Public Self-Governance (TPSG)of the village and citizens themselves,  we could mobilize around 50% of the local contribution and successfully implement the project”, Turat Azymbakiev, Project Specialist says. 

Healthy  Educated Children  - Success of the Country Project is a good example of public participation in decision-making process to improve their access to services at the municipal level. It was initiated and implemented by the TPSG of Kara-Suu village, which was also established in 2012 within the frames of the project.  Half of the project budget in the amount of 327, 360 som has been provided by the Demonstration Fund of EU-UN “Operationalising Good Governance for Social Justice”  Project with active support of local administration and school, which have provided free space for organization of a kindergarten in the school area.

The opening ceremony was attended by local residents, representatives of  local administration, parents of children, as well as representatives of EU and UN agencies. 

The project on improving access to pre-school education was implemented with the financial support of the Demonstration Fund of EU-UN Project, which was established for funding of activities on improving the quality and access to basic services in 30 pilot municipalities. To date,  the DF has funded 62 projects throughout the country for the total amount  of 324,701  USD.

“Operationalising Good Governance for Social Justice” Project was launched in October 2011  and will be implemented during 36 months until October 2014. The Project aims to increase  and render more equitable rights to public services for citizens, especially for vulnerable groups – women, youth and children in 30 rural municipalities in 7 regions of Kyrgyzstan. This project is implemented by UN Agencies – UNDP, UNICEF, UN Women and UNESCO. The European Union co-finances this project together with the above-mentioned UN agencies.

Contact Information

Turat Azymbakiev, Project Specialist in Chui oblast, Tel: 0312 694373 (+121) or e-mail: ta@socialjustice.undp.kg