UNDP and residents of Talas province and Suusamyr valley continue successful implementation of joint projects

17 Jul 2013

imageUNDP Resident Representative in Kyrgyzstan Alexander Avanessov is looking at products produced by local people in Suusamyr valley. This production was started with assistance from UNDP. Credit: Jyldyz Kuvatova / UNDP

The UNDP Resident Representative in the Kyrgyz Republic, Alexander Avanessov visited a number of sites that implement the ideas of good governance, renewable energy, and reduce poverty in the region.

Talas, Kyrgyzstan – UNDP is working with key partners in Talas province on a number of initiatives ranging from provision of public services to protection of environment. Progress in these areas was the main subject of the meeting between UNDP Resident Representative in the Kyrgyz Republic Alexander Avanessov and Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in Talas province Bayishbek Jumanazarov.

Talas jamaat (assoction) in Kara-Buura district is implementing a project on reducing carbon dioxide emissions through installation of solar panels. There are 33 collectors of solar energy installed so far. Daryger jamaat started to construct a demonstration area of renewable energy and energy efficiency on the basis of the Kok-Say group of family physicians (polyclinic). A 5kW / h mini-hydro power station and a3 kW / h solar panel are already installed there. Both projects are funded by the Small Grants Programme of the Global Environment Facility. In two pilot municipalities in the area, Nurzhanov and Bakay-Ata, United Nations and the European Union started a joint project to promote good governance in order to achieve social justice. The project is aimed at improving public services with the participation of employees of local administration, village council members, activists, NGOs, youth groups as well as members of initiative groups. The project is implemented with a special focus on the interests of women, youth and children. In addition to Talas province this project is implemented in 28 municipalities across the country. By October 2014 all the pilot villages will showcase best practices in delivering public services that needs to be mainstreamed in Kyrgyzstan and create favorable conditions for social justice in the country.

In neighboring Susamyr UNDP is implementing a number of environmental and socio-economic projects aimed at the sustainable development of the region and increasing the standard of living of the local population. Projects on pasture management and dealing with climate change risks are funded by the Global Environment Facility and the UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative. The project activities helped improve infrastructure of pastures, establish several sewing shops and buy equipment (tractor, carding machine for wool, grain cleaner). In spring of 2013 more than 400 tonnes of barley was cleared. Moreover, UNDP is working on a project of an intake structure on Kojomkul river near the village of Karakol, selected and approved special technology for recycling organic waste from livestock and is helping  improve the work of a meteorological station in Suusamyr pasture to assist pasture users in bad weather conditions.

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