Government officials of Kyrgyzstan are preparing climate change adaptation measures

21 Jun 2013

Koi-Tash, Kyrgyzstan (June 21, 2013) – On June 19-20 representatives of ministries and government agencies participated in the introductory workshop “Adaptation to Climate Change” – the first in a series of activities to build capacity of state and local government officials on climate change issues. The workshop was conducted for officers of ministries and state agencies who are directly concerned with adaption to climate change – agriculture, healthcare, energy industry, prevention of emergency situations, conservation of water, forest resources and biodiversity.

Participants learned about international and national experience in drafting adaptation policies to climate change as well as applied their knowledge and capacities in drafting sectorial adaptation measures to climate change.  Later these specialists will join task forces on drafting plans for their sectors under the National Strategy of the Kyrgyz Republic on Adaptation to Climate Change.

Deputy Director of the State Agency on Environment Protection and Forestry Abdymital Chyngojoev noted in his opening speech: “The Government of Kyrgyzstan always underlines the importance of issues related to climate change: it approved the Coordination Committee on Climate Change chaired by Taiyrbek Sarpashev, Vice Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic, drafted the Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change in assistance with UNDP, launched steps on sectorial adaptation efforts. Therefore such workshops for state bodies are becoming relevant and urgent.  Education and training of ministries and agencies staff helps to create a national expert base that we can tap into for effective development and implementation of the state policy on climate change and avoid additional expenses for international experts”.

Ainash Sharshenova, expert of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Healthcare shared her experience in working out Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change in Healthcare. Currently the Ministry of Healthcare is the only state body that has already worked out its Healthcare Program on Adaption to Climate Change until 2015. The Program on Adaptation to Climate Change contains 11 priorities embracing not only adaptation measures in healthcare but also other related sectors including development of alternative energy sources. “We have already installed 15 pilot solar panels and small hydro power stations in rural medical stations located even in the most remote areas of our country. This was part of our programme on adaptation to climate change implemented with assistance of UNDP and GEF” says Ainash Sharshenova.

Inter-agency approach applied in workshop when staff members of different ministries of Agriculture, Energy, and Emergency Situations etc. worked closely with specialists from ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economy, and the State Agency for local Self-Government and National Statistics Committee generated considerable interest among participants.

“Government officials are new to issues on adaptation to climate change. This workshop helped us to understand the global scale of the issue. The information will create a solid ground when developing strategies particularly in the field of disaster risk management. It is essential to apply international experience and existing works on climate change that will help us to adapt to day-to-day realities”, emphasized Meimanbek Tashpolotov, Head of the Department on monitoring and forecasting of emergency situations at the KR Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The workshop “Adaptation to Climate Change” was conducted by the State Agency on Environment Protection and Forestry under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and UNDP.

The workshop on climate resilient planning in Batken district will be the next activity as part of comprehensive programme on capacity building of civil servants and staff members of self-government bodies.

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